Kawaii Easy Drawing Review

On May 21, 2018

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Ahoy there me hearties! We just got back from sailing at the good old Jolly Roger. The crew and did a lot of booty hunting. We are currently having a time off so I thought of taking this time to check on ye me favorite buckos and update ye with another app review. I recently started to learn how to draw and I must say me skills are getting better at it because me drawing on me parrot pet is now starting to look like it; unlike before that it didn’t look like a bird at all! Har, har, har! Since I sparked an interest in drawing, the app that I will share with ye today will also have something to do about that. The title is Kawaii Easy Drawing by Z DRAW, Inc.

Kawaii Images

Kawaii Easy Drawing Review

Its name Kawaii lives up to the expectations because the images are kawaii or cute. There are various adorable images to choose from that are under different categories such as animals, foods, unicorns, and more. If you are familiar with the typical Japanese cute drawings, these are the ones that you will find in the app. This is a good app to download for those who would like to learn how to draw, especially these adorable images.

Available for All Ages

Kawaii Easy Drawing App

This app is easy to use so you will be easily familiar with its interface and options in no time. Each of the image has step by step guide on how to draw them, which makes the process simple for everyone. It is something that will interest those who want to learn how to draw no matter what their age is. This will suit both youngsters and adults.

Free and Can Be Used Offline

The app is free to download, but as you can expect there are advertisements. However, the advertisements do not really affect the drawing experience, so they cannot be considered as drawbacks. This app requires that you are online in order to load the images and their instructions. However, once you started drawing an image, you can continue doing so offline as the instructions are saved on cache. This is good especially for those who are not always connected to the Internet.

The Ups

Kawaii Easy Drawing is a free and easy to use app that is for everyone who would like to learn how to draw. Although it has advertisement, it can’t be considered as a drawback, especially it’s not intrusive. There are also several cute images to choose from and the step by step instructions are easy to follow.

The Downs

There is really not much drawback that we can see on this app. You might not be able to load the images unless you have Internet connection, and all images are only kawaii images. Those who are not into these types of images and would like to learn how to draw other images may not find other options since all images on this app fall under that category.

The Verdict

If you want to learn how to draw Kawaii images, there is no doubt that Kawaii Easy Drawing is a top app to choose. It’s free, easy to use, and the instructions are easy to follow.


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