Learn languages Free – Mondly Review

On September 27, 2017

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Ahoy there me hearties! Yer favorite app pirate is back again from another booty hunting adventure straight from the seven seas. Aside from treasure hunting, me and the crew have the chance to visit different places as we sail around the world. This makes me interested in learning different languages. Aye, this buccaneer also has interest on that area. Me found this app called Mondly by ATi Studios. ‘Tis a language learning app that I want to share with ye. Avast ye and let’s begin.

Various Languages are Available

Mondly App

Mondly is an educational app that will teach you how to speak other languages. While most similar apps are only focused on teaching one language, this app offers various languages, which is good for those who wish to learn multiple languages, or want to learn another one after the other. Aside from America English, some of the covered languages are Romanian, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, German, and French.

Nice Graphics and Animation

Although this is a language learning app, the graphics and animation is also worth notetaking. The images look good, which makes learning more fun. Plus, this also helps users to learn faster as there’s visual representation on what words are being thought. Many people learn easily with visuals so this is a positive side on the app.

Needs Basic Knowledge

While Mondly will help you learn speak a specific language from the basic phrases and sentences, it doesn’t teach you from scratch. This means you need to have knowledge at least on some of the basic words of the language that you are trying to learn so it will be easier.

Not Completely Free

Mondly Languages

The app can be used for free but only the first few lessons are free. You will be asked to pay real money in order to unlock the remaining content. There are other free apps available so if you don’t want to spend money, this may not be something that will interest you.

The Ups

It supports various languages so you can learn multiple languages using one app. It has good graphics, which make learning more fun and easier. You can use limited content for free so you can have a feel on how it works before you decide to spend real money to get the full version.

The Downs

If you don’t wish to pay real money, this may not interest you because only limited content is free. You will be asked to pay for real money in order to unlock the entire content.

The Verdict

Mondly is an educational app that is useful for those who would like to learn new languages. If you wish to learn a new language for fun and you prefer free content, this may not be the app for you as it will require you to pay real money to unlock the full content. However, if you are serious about learning new languages and you don’t mind paying for it, this is something that may interest you.

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