Line Surfer Review

On December 3, 2012

Thar she blows mateys! Yer favorite app reviewing pirate is back. And in me free time I have grown to love drawing stick figures. That is why me lads are busy making a stick figure skull flag for the good old Jolly Rogers. Now while me boys are at it. I would like to introduce you to a new mobile game app that features stick figures as the hero. Here is my review for the mobile game app Line Surfer.

Meat of the Game

Now before we go straight into the review I would like to give you a quick refresher of some key elements of the mobile game app. Stick figures have always been part of each person’s life. Do you remember your first illustrations? How about your first school drawing? Do you also remember your visualization of your parents? All of them are drawn in stick figures. So the mobile game app Line Surfer is a salute to this very important visual in our lives. Now with that out of the way, we go back to the game review. The mobile game app is all about a stick figure that surfs on your mobile devices. And just like in our hey days in school, the stick figure can be seen surfing on the graph paper notebook background. So in short it is like your stick figure drawing coming to life. This is a very simple game premise. It is so simple that naysayers can easily tell this game is not worth it. But always remember, you will be playing this game in your mobile device. And that usually happens when you are in a train or in line waiting for your turn. That means the simpler the mobile game app is, the easier it is for you to have fun. This is what people tend to forget about mobile game apps. They judge them on the merit of the traditional console guidelines. But games like Line Surfer offers a unique type of fun for players like you.

Getting the Hang of Stick Figures

The game concept is pretty simple. The game controls are also easy to learn. Here are the basic controls. You tap on the screen to make the surfer jump. And then you tilt the device to control the line surfer’s movement while in mid air. So it is simple as tap and then tilt. You might ask why I need to jump. In the game, obstacles like crates are all over the moving waves in the notebook sea. You need to jump over these crates to avoid them. On your way up you can add some flair to your jump by tilting your mobile device. This will make your line surfer do some awesome flips. The simple game controls make it easy for you to love the game. You can virtually play it anywhere and anytime. The simplicity of this game is by design and so far it is firing on all cylinders.

Game Modes

Line Surfing has three game modes for you to choose from. And these are the Time Mode, Stunt Mode and the Free Mode. In the Time Mode, your goal is to go as far as you can in a jump. So what you have to do is jump and then perform trick after trick to last as long as you can in mid air. You have to time the tricks well so you can chain them together. The Stunt Mode is very similar to Time Mode but the main difference is that you have to choose the better stunts because each one has a score. The goal in this mode is to come up with the highest possible score. The Free Mode is playing the game without any constraints and just enjoying the line surfer while it jumps and perform tricks.

Line Surfer is very fun. And this is one of the very rare games where stick figures are given a meatier role. Download this now and you will certainly have a great time.

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