Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

On August 25, 2016

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Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum. It’s me again yer friendly app pirate ready for another adventure to try on the seven seas. ‘Afore me hop on the ship, let me share with ye another app review that ye lasses would love. Aye, this one is something for the girls and may not be of interest to most lads. Ye know that I would be willing to check on all apps for ye me hearties, even if me parrot pet and the crew were laughing hard that I was trying this make-up app. ‘Tis called Mary Kay Virtual Makeover by Mary Kay, Inc. Avast ye and let’s begin.

It Has Different Features

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover App

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover is a makeover app that lets you put on makeup and try new hair virtually. Like other make-up app, you could upload your photo and apply make-up including eyeshadow, lipstick, blush on, foundation, mascara and eyeliner. There are also readily available looks that you can just tap and you would have a complete makeover in an instant. If you don’t want to upload your photo, there’s an option to use model photos that are also available in the app. Most makeup apps do not have this option so this is a plus. Moreover, it’s not just about make-up but you could add in accessories, nail polish and try different hairstyles, although the latter needs separate download.

Saving and Sharing Available

There is an option to save files, which is good if you wish to keep it on your mobile device. If you’re really happy with the result or you find it funny and you wish to share it with others, it can be done easily. There are options in this app where you could share the look om social media, email and even SMS. This is more convenient than doing it the usual way.

Let You Purchase What You’ve Used for Real

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover Options

There’s this fashion app that lets you dress up your avatar and shop for clothes, then offers the option to purchase those dresses and accessories in real life. This app works the same way, but it’s for makeup products offered by Mary Kay. If you’re a Mary Kay kind of girl, this would be an advantage as you would have an idea on how the products would look on you without going to the store and trying them.

Not the Easiest App to Use

While it offers several features, it’s not that user friendly. Tapping on the options is a no brainer but when you upload your photo, you would need to adjust it to align to outline that would show on the screen. It’s very challenging to do that. If you were not able to do this accurately, the makeup wouldn’t be applied perfectly and the different hairstyles wouldn’t fit your head. There are apps that would automatically detect your face so it would be better if this app would have that feature too.

The Ups

It offers several features such as using instant makeup looks, customizing your own look, and saving or sharing your makeover photos. You can also purchase what you used for real.

The Downs

It’s not easy to use as you need to make adjustments for your face to fit. If this was not done accurately, the result wouldn’t be pretty.

The Verdict

It’s an app that you may want to download if you are a Mary Kay or make-up lover since it lets you virtually test how the products would look on you and you could also purchase them for real. However, it could be challenging to adjust the face size of your photo and the result is not as polished as other good make-up apps.

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