Math Pieces Review

On December 20, 2017

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum. Aye, me and the crew got drunk from drinking a barrel of rum! But don’t ye worry me lads and lasses, this old salt is sober now so I will be able to share another app review with ye. I shouldn’t be drunk when playing this app as it’s about Math. I was never good at it since I was a little lad, but let me share this review with ye. We’ll talk about this app called Math Pieces by Nebula Bytes, so batten down the hatches and let’s begin.

Simple Graphics

Math Pieces Review

The graphics of the game is very basic. The background is brown that would remind you of wood floors. The puzzle boxes are typical of the usual puzzle games played, whether online or on puzzle books. There are white squares with black text numbers on them. The pieces that you can use to complete the puzzles are scattered outside the boxes. All of the puzzles have the same background. While it may not be a deal breaker if the graphics is too basic, it would add to the fun of the game if this area could be improved. It would be more enjoyable playing when you adorable or nice images.

Will Make You Think

Math Pieces App

This puzzle game is educational and it will make your brain work. Depending on how good you are in math, you might find this game enjoyable or boring. Difficulty level is average, so most users would probably find it interesting and a good way to pass time, and at the same time exercise their brains. However, those who excel in math may find it boring as it may not be that challenging to them.

No Division

The three operations are available in the game, which are addition, multiplication, and subtraction. However, there is no division. It would be better if the last operation was added so it will be a complete package.

The Ups

This app is free to play although it comes with in-app purchase, which doesn’t force the users to purchase anything. It’s still up to you if you wish to use real money, although you can play it without spending anything. It will keep you occupied and it will exercise your brain at the same time.

The Downs

Like most free apps, this one also contains advertisements. The graphics can do some improvements to make them more eye-catching, adding to the fun of the game. Only three math operations are present; division is not included. May not be that challenging to those who excel in math.

The Verdict

Math Pieces may have some drawbacks, but overall, these are not huge deal breakers. It’s still a recommended app to play, especially to those who would like to exercise or improve their math, as well as those who are into puzzle games. It’s free, it will keep you occupied, and it’s educational.

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