Microsoft Office Mobile Review

On April 9, 2014

Ahoy there me buckos! The App Pirate is back aboard his Jolly Rogers and about to make sail. Are ye up to another booty hunting with me crew? But ‘afore we hop on me ship, let me share with ye another app that I think ye lads may find useful. It’s the Microsoft Office Mobile app that is now offered for free on iOS and Android phones.

Pick Up Your Work on Another Device

The latest version of Office Mobile was released a year ago. However, it required an Office 365subscription, which account information you can then use for logging in to Office Mobile. The app has been recently made available for free, which means that iOS and Android phone users do not need a 360 subscription to use it, but only a free Microsoft account.

Microsoft Office Mobile Review

This free account can be easily created on Microsoft’s website, which will also give you access to Office online applications and OneDrive. The latter gives you a 7GB free online storage. Office Mobile also saves your documents to OneDrive, so you can access them on the cloud regardless of what device you’re using. This is convenient as you can continue working on your files from your computer to your phone or from your phone to your computer.

View and Edit Files While on the Go

Office Mobile comes with three Office applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. While you can use these three programs, they do not come with full features unlike their desktop counterparts. This is understandable as they are designed to work on phones, which are not as powerful as desktop computers.

Although the features are limited, the basic functions that you would need are present so you would still find them helpful, especially if you rely on Microsoft Office suites for your projects, work or files. The supported file formats are limited. However, you can still view documents or worksheets with unsupported formats, though you will not be able to edit them. But you can  create documents and spreadsheets, which are automatically saved on OneDrive. PowerPoint presentations on the other hand can be viewed, edited and saved.

Optimized for Mobile Use

Office Mobile is optimized for mobile use; so you will not have difficulties using the three programs even on a small screen. Excel even comes with a full screen view making it more convenient to work on the cells. Word documents on the other hand can be zoomed in and out for better viewing.

Microsoft Office Mobile App

Other than that, it’s safe to say that the App runs perfectly on both Droids and iOS devices in a very surprising manner. Alas, this stinkin’ old Pirate is definitely a “tech challenged” individual, but nevertheless he (I, Garrr) was able to totally figure it out and handle it with class.

The Verdict

Microsoft Office is a widely used desktop suite that is used for work and studies. If you are one of the many people who use this on your computer, it is recommended that you install Office Mobile on your device. This lets you use the three most popular Office applications, which are Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your phone. Since files are saved in the cloud, you can continue where you left off on another device. The only drawback is that not all features are accessible. But in general, this is a good application to have.


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