Monopoly Review

On December 6, 2012

Arggh, I remember as a child, I used to play this little game with me and me brothers. We would play for hours on end, trying to get ahead of each other in the attempt to become the best industrialist. Aye, those were the days when monopoly would rule our lives, and we’d gladly follow it no matter how long we played each round. O’ course, tis’ wasn’t just happy times as the game did teach me one thing that I carried over in me pirate life. Be ruthless in games, spare no quarter, and make sure to buy all the unneeded land early on to create a lack of free spots, which ye can then use to coerce yer brothers with. Ah… good times indeed, which is all the more reason why I picked up Monopoly for me iPad.

Does it translate well?

Thar only be one question in my mind as I started a new game in this app. Arr, I’m sure it be lingerin’ in yer head as well, and that is if the fabled board game had translated well to the iOS format. The startlin’ truth, is that it did okay, and everythin; that ye may remember from the original remains quite intact in this new endeavor. Everythin’ from the little iconic sculptures, to even the streets that ran long with challenges were translated well into this little app. However, how does the gameplay hold up in the context of the whole thing?

If ye think long and hard on that, then ye may see that there be not much difference, and that it shouldn’t be that hard to move the mechanics of the board game to a digital format. Just think ‘o it like playin’ the game without the old and dusty board to clutter up yer coffee table. Since the game be compressed into the small format, ye should expect that the whole thing is also made small to fit the device you’re using to play it on. The mechanics definitely stay the same to emulate the whole experience.

However, what would a monopoly game be if it were not for the interaction of people in the pursuit of making more money? So in this respect, the development team for the game took it upon themselves to add on 4 way multiplayer so that everyone had a chance to show off just how evil they could get.

Graphically speaking

Well, what is there really to say about a game that is based off of a physical board? There be not much to improve upon as the set pieces basically design themselves. Everything from the living room, to the little sculpted pieces are design in pretty 3D, and as a bonus, the little pieces also have tiny animation sprites just for fun. Other than that, there is nothing major to mention in the game’s graphics department.

Is it a game for you?

In all truth, the Monopoly app is really aimed at people that miss the old board game. At the same time, ye cannot be expected to play alone, for it would be like playin’ a more complicated version of solitaire. So the game isn’t just for you, as it would be better if yer hearties joined in and got into the game. The 4 way multiplayer is decently done, and the game is better when company joins ye to play a round. Barring that, ye can also test yer skills in capitalism against AI opponents, just in case none o’ yer mates be interested in a match. In the end, the decision is totally up to you, as I have no real positive or negative feelings about the game.

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