My Boo Town – City Builder Review

On August 29, 2016

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Ahoy there me hearties! Hope yer having a great day cause this bucko is going to make it even better. Aye, I have another app to share with ye me lads and lasses. If ye love city building games like the other crews here in the Jolly Roger ship and ‘acourse, this old salt, ye mateys would be very interested on this. So avast ye and let’s start this My Boo Town – City Builder review.

Adorable Characters

My Boo Town App

This game is from the makers of the virtual pet game My Boo. If you have played this before, you would be familiar with the cute character Boo. This time, you would no longer be just taking care of one virtual pet, but you will be building a town for more adorable Boos. The characters are round and come in varying colors. Although they look simple, they are still cute, especially their bug bright eyes and happy smile.

Colorful Graphics

The graphics is really nice. Its colors are very lively and you could do a lot to make your Boo Town more attractive. It’s not 3D, but nonetheless, it’s pleasing to the eyes. It’s also nice how you can dress up the boos, as well as watch crops, plants and flowers grow in the neighborhood.

Continuous Gameplay

My Boo Town Game

You level up as you keep playing the game. There’s so much items to unlock as you reach higher levels, as well as expansion options. This is the type of game that you could continue playing for a long time. You would be enticed to play more, especially when you see your town gradually improving and growing. Plus, there’s a mini-game that you could play in between building or while waiting for your buildings or crops to be ready.

Easy to Learn

This is the similar to other building simulation games where you would be adding homes and buildings in your town for the Boos to live in. Crops are also grown and sold so you could earn and expand your town. It just requires dragging and tapping. While there are different options, they are not that difficult to understand. You would familiarize yourself with its interface in a short time.

The Pros

This app is free to play, although it comes with in-app purchases that are not required to be bought. It’s also easy to learn and it’s something that you could play for a long time. There are so many items to unlock that would help in growing and beautifying your town. This app also has mini games that you could play.

The Cons

There’s really not much drawbacks in this app since it’s a simple but fun game to play, although of course, the gameplay is still similar to other city building games. Plus, it has advertisements that can sometimes hinder you from playing properly.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a building simulation game that you could play for a long time, this app is recommended. It’s easy to play, fun and there’s so much to explore and unlock so you’ll have hours of playing time.

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