My Smooshy Mushy – Cute Pets Review

On February 27, 2024

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Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Me and the crew visited some old friends, and we were happy to spend time with them, and their pets. I kind of miss having many pets, as I also had many when I was still a little lad. Aye, I’ve always loved animals even before me had me parrot pet. But of course, I cannot have more pets because we can’t keep them all in the ship, and I’m also mostly booty hunting, so I won’t have much time to look after them. Thankfully, me parrot pet is there, and it keeps me happy. The app review we have today is also all about pets. Avast ye and let me share this game called My Smooshy Mushy – Cute Pets by WarDucks Ltd.

The artwork is adorable

my smooshy mushy review

The game has cute images, from the pets to the things that you see around, like foods and beds. There are different pets you can unlock, and they are all charming. You can even customize their looks by changing their costumes that are also adorable. It’s easy to fall in love with the characters, and treat them as your real pets, even if it’s virtually. 

It’s free but the items can get expensive

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This is a free game, so you can download without spending anything. You can earn game currency through various ways, but the items can be expensive, so you would need to keep collecting currency to afford them. This can get frustrating as you need to be extra patient if you don’t want to spend money on in-app purchases. 

It’s fun with plenty of things to do

This is a fun game because it’s like having a real pet, but only online. You need to take care of it as you would a real animal. So, it can also be a practice for those who are planning to get a pet. There are many things to do, from playing with the pet to feeding and putting it to bed. There are also mini games that add variety to the game, and also help you earn more game currency. A nice feature of the game that you don’t often see on similar games is its AR mode feature, so it feels like your pet is in the same environment as you. 

There’s a glitch in watching videos

This game has video advertisements, but watching them lets you earn prizes and currency that you can use in the game. However, it doesn’t always work, as there are times that it will kick you out of the game or the app freezes when trying to watch a video, so you also don’t get the prize. 

Thumbs up

It has adorable images and it’s also free to download and play. There’s so many things to do, making it fun and enjoyable. There’s also an AR mode feature, and you can customize your pets. It also comes with mini games. 

Thumbs down

The video ads don’t always work, and you don’t always get the prizes you’re supposed to receive. 

The verdict

My Smooshy Mushy – Cute Pets is a great time, especially for those looking for a pet simulation game. It has adorable characters, and it’s also free to download. There are various things to do, including playing mini games, so you will be entertained. It’s free and you will fall in love with the cute pets. 

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