My Tidy Life Review

On June 6, 2024

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! It’s me again, yer friendly app pirate ready to take ye on another journey around the seven seas. We dived down Davey Jones’ locker and it didn’t disappoint. It was always full of new incredible items, so we never get tired of going back, no matter how dangerous it is. Some of the things we found were fantastic pieces as they were unique and eye-catching. They are perfect for the makeover we’re about to do on the ship. The crew and I wanted to redecorate to have a fresh look, and we’ll use those items to improve the overall appearance of the place. The game I was playing inspired me to organize and clean up the ship and I’ll share it with ye in this review. Avaste ye and let me tell ye more about My Tidy Life by Ruby Games AS.

It’s enjoyable and relaxing

My Tidy Life Review

If you love cleaning and organizing things, you will enjoy playing this game, as the gameplay is basically that. There’s variety because there are various rooms to organize and you will do different tasks in each room, which prevents it from being easily boring. For instance, some tasks will ask you to segregate wastes, and others to organize beauty items in a cabinet. It’s also relaxing, especially as you see the room getting clean and things going to their proper places. 

It’s free but there are plenty of advertisements

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This is a game that you can download and play without spending real money. It also has in-app purchases should you wish to spend otherwise. The drawback is that it has plenty of advertisements. You’ll get one after every level, and since some levels are fast-paced, you spend plenty of time watching ads. Also, some of the rooms and items require watching ads. Unfortunately, there are times that they would not load, making it difficult to move forward or upgrade. 

It has pretty artwork

Home organizing games typically have pleasant images, and this app also doesn’t disappoint in this area. The rooms are detailed, as there are various items in different areas, which zooms in as you work on one. There are varieties of items that are colorful and with clean drawing. 

It can get repetitive

The rooms and tasks become similar at some point. So, it’s like playing the same levels over again, which can feel repetitive. It would be better if there are more unique contents to make the game more worthwhile. 

The good

This game is fun and relaxing with gorgeous graphics. It’s free to download, so you can play without spending real cash. 

The bad

There are plenty of advertisements and it can get repetitive after some time as the rooms and tasks are similar. 

The verdict

My Tidy Life is recommended to those who are into home organizing games. There are various tasks to perform in different rooms. It’s free to download and you will love its detailed and eye-catching images. It’s enjoyable and relaxing, especially as you tidy up the rooms. 

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