Orbot Review

On April 26, 2013

Ahoy, me hearties! Your App Pirate is back once again to give ye the latest on awesome apps for ye phone! Arrrghhh!!! Don’t mind those buckos yonder spyin’ on me ship! Don’t ye just hate that? Don’t it make ye wish ye can keelhaul e’ery one of ‘em? Aye, I be hoping there be a way to simply vanish from them deadlights. Well, for ye Android there be an app called Orbot, which ye can use to go online without being seen by anyone! It be a cloak of invisibility I tell ye!

The Tor Network and Orbot

When you browse on the Internet, how sure are you that the network you are connected to is secure? Other than that certain websites will also monitor your connection and observe your activities online. While you may not necessarily be doing something unlawful, being placed under a microscope is not a good feeling. Plus, there is always the risk of your information being infiltrated at one point or another. Orbot is an app for the Android that can prevent all that. You can browse with ease knowing that these websites will not be able to monitor you, through the help of the Tor Network.

Orbot Review

If you aren’t familiar with what the Tor Network is, it is a collection of computers that form a chain, which intercepts traffic between you and where you are going. Simply put, they pass information from one to the other and they do not know where it is coming from. So in the end, the site trying to monitor you will only see a new connection and not be able to trace you at all.

Safe Browsing, Usability and More

The most notable use of having Orbot is the ability to browse safely on the Internet without the fear of being monitored by any institution and/or website. This mobile version for the Android is similar in nature with the one available for the desktop, with just a few minor adjustments to make it seamless for mobile users. Now, when you browse and log on to social networking sites and other web pages, those that have malicious intent will no longer be able to “see” you.

Orbot Icon Orbot App

Leave it to Orbot to make complex processes of how the entire Tor Network operates into something you can use easily. Once you download and use the app, Orbot will do all the work for you. From logging on to the Tor Network to protecting all the network traffic you are under, the app does everything.


Orbot is a necessity. It goes beyond the simple desire of wanting to not be seen. In this day and age, your security is always at risk. This app prevents the others from getting to you, simple as that. You will be free to do whatever you want online without the fear of being under a microscope all the time. With the Tor Network guiding you through every step of the way, you will remain incognito whenever you browse using your Android phone. Best of all, Orbot is an app you can download for free in the Android market. If you wanna learn more about your mobile privacy, read our article about improving your smartphone privacy, it’s a jungle out there ya know, Pirates and Scoundrels Ahoy! Better keep yer’ chin down, savvy?


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