Pet Jam Review

On February 9, 2020

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me hearties! Me and me parrot pet have been playing this morning and it had a great time, although it’s now tired and drank a lot of water. It’s now taking a rest in its bed. So, me took advantage of me free time and decided to write ye lads and lasses another app review. Since me had a great time with me parrot pet, I will be sharing a review of an app that has the animals as its main characters. Avast ye and get to know more about the game called Pet Jam by Color By Number – Coloring Apps.

Adorable animal graphics

Pet Jam Review

Pet Jam is a free to download game that you can also keep playing without spending anything. If you an animal lover, you will love this game as the main characters are animals. There are various types of animals to rescue including but not limited to pigs, dogs, rabbits, and giraffes. The game interface is clean with the statistics on top and the main game window in the middle. The background is like a green farm with trees, grasses and brown fences. There’s also a blue sky with some white clouds.

It’s familiar

Pet Jam App

If you have played match 3 games before, this will game will be instantly familiar. Like the similar apps, you need to match 3 similar objects, but with this app, it will be similar animals, to remove them from the board. There will be certain goals that you must achieve on each level in order to clear it. There’s a time limit so you need to think and move as quickly as you can so you do not run out of time.

Easy to learn hard to master

The first few levels are easy as you will only need to save a few numbers of the same animals. It’s more like you are given the chance to familiarize yourself with the game, in case you haven’t played a similar app before. With the time limit incorporated in the game, it still gives it some kind of challenge, even on the easy level. You can’t still slack because you will not pass the level if you run out of time and you weren’t able to save the animals you are required to save. However, with more obstacles in the higher levels, it gets more difficult.

The ups

Pet Jam is free to download and play. It’s easy to learn but it has the right level of challenge. The animals are adorable. It’s also familiar for those who have played match 3 games before so it will be easy to get used to it.

The downs

If you are looking for something fresh and unique, it may not be the app for you because its gameplay is the same as other match 3 games.

The verdict

Pet Jam may not be an entirely unique or fresh app, but if you are into match 3 games, it is another option for you to add on your list. It’s also a plus if you are an animal lover as the main characters on this game are adorable animals.

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