PixlGun 3D Review

On August 17, 2013

Ever since that little gem o’ a game Minecraft came out, it be the subject to much discussion. First, it be just a game where tha aim was to survive a multitude o’ creatures while building expansive mines. As it grew, so too did the community of land lubbers that wished ta build in peace. At this point, if ye haven’t heard o’ Minecraft, then ye might have been stuck under 20 leagues o’ water because it is an important title in tha gaming community.

In fact, me and me crew have actually started our own small server so that we be able ta share each others giant creations. O’ course, with fame comes many followers, and most of the time, those followers be almost exact copies while other take a unique approach. Here be our PixlGun 3D review.

The Gameplay

If you’ve ever played any X named shooter, then you know how this game works. The whole idea behind the game is that you are sent on missions to fight off zombie hordes. There are different types of enemies; some fly, and others shamble towards you. The game arms you with a variety of different weapons, much like other zombie titles. Of course, if you’ve never played any shooters on the iOS or the Android, then maybe you’re not too familiar with the standard control scheme for smart phones. Basically, you control your movement with your left thumb, and shoot with the use of the target button on the right side of the screen.

Pixlgun 3D Review

You also control the camera with the right side of the screen, so you might have a little juggling to do. The game itself uses this scheme well but it does provide the same problems as most other titles with the same premise. First off, switching between the camera and the gun can be a hectic move; the second issue is that the game floods your screen with zombies. This extra dimension of challenge makes the game a lot more entertaining, but it is sort of reminiscent to Left 4 Dead. This is because you have to deal with a huge amount of zombies on screen at any one time. The variety of enemies will spic things up, but again, the camera control might frustrate you.

The Look

If you’re wondering why the Minecraft analogy was brought up before, it’s because this game takes a lot of cues from that title. This is completely understandable because that game can provide huge game worlds without much power backing it up. In this respect, PixlGun does admirably with the tools it has.

Pixlgun 3D App

While the title does take a huge chunk of Minecraft and puts guns in it, at least the creator takes the time to explain that the title is inspired by the blocky look. At the same time, it does a great job of making the world a little more attractive, so it is a treat to play the game.

The Verdict

If you like shooters, and you like Minecraft, then this game is perfect for you. However, the gameplay is a bit derivative of other shooters, and it doesn’t really does anything to change the formula up. However, once you buy the title, you’re going to get a lot of replayability out of it and at least there isn’t an intrusive iAP option.


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