Plants Vs. Zombies Review

On December 26, 2012

Arrgh, my hatred for zombies is undoubtedly prevalent, and if ye read any o’ my previous scribbles, then ye know why. They are the bane o’ the earth and even as metaphors, they still be useless and hateful creatures. What be the point o’ motion and eating if ye can’t even enjoy yer life anymore? Aye, I hate zombies with a burning passion to equal even the raging sea that spans across the world, but what is the complete opposite o’ zombies that seem to contradict when ye couple it with ‘em? Plants be the answer to that, and that is simply described because o’ the plain fact that they provide us life every day. This is why I be so pleased with the game Plants Vs. Zombies.

Planting to protect yerself

If there be one excellent example to making an RTS title on the iOS format, it be this game for it is intuitive. The controls are simple, extremely so, and even when it was released as a PC game, the title translated well into touch controls. There be no awkward moves or clunky controls as the whole planting mechanic is done through drag and drop. The grid is also a welcome mechanic for there be no way ye might accidentally drop a plant in the wrong place. Planting in the game is amazingly simple, and it does enhance the general experience of defending yerself from the swarms o’ zombies heading to yer humble home.

What be there to plant?

If Plants Vs. Zombies had only one thing going for it, then that would be excellent control. However, this game didn’t become a hit for no reason as the game has a huge array of awesome plants to defend yerself with. The simplest weapon ye have, and probably the one ye’ll fall back on most be the flintlock flowers. They shoot gigantic peas at the enemies and as ye gain more money for upgrades, they’ll grow as well. They would shoot ice, or three peas at a time, and ye’ll find yerself switching between each as time goes along. Beyond that, ye can also expect to be treated to defences like the Wall Nut, on top of massive canon like bombs like the cherry bomb. This variety be the depth in the game, making it a diverse experience even while ye are just planting and defending.

On the opposition, ye can also expect to see numbers of lumbering enemies that be just as diverse as yer weapons. Often, ye have ta plan out yer load out before ye even think ‘o setting sail and attacking the enemy. There are zombies that are titanic, who take more than their fair share o’ hits before they die, while others are much sneakier and require tactics and thought in order for ye to prevail. All these together make the strategic gameplay shine out, which is why this be an excellent example of how RTS gamin’ should be done on a mobile format.

Ye Should Pick it up

Like the ruby me and me crew hunt, or the whale that be hunting me for being descended from Ahab, this game be a treasure of sort, and a good one at that. O’ course, by now the charm o’ the game be as evident and as worn out as Angry Birds. For new players who have no idea about this game, ye should pick it up anyway that goes for older players as well. The charm really lasts through the game, and ye’d be hard-pressed to find a reason not to try this game at some point. Beyond that, there be no other prominent reason than it’s a fun title that deserves a place in everyone’ iOS mobile device.

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