Pocket Pool Review

On November 5, 2017

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Here in the ship, me and the crew play a lot of games like regular landlubbers do. One of our favorite past times is playing pool. Aye, we have a pool table and the crew and I have a tournament every now and then, especially after a successful booty hunting adventure. Speaking of pool, the app that we have in review is called Pocket Pool by Ketchapp. Avast ye as we begin with the review.

Simple and Clean Graphics

Pocket Pool Review

The main background of the game is plain. The main focus is on the pool table, although only a part of the pool is shown. This is the part where the hole in which the ball must be inserted to. There are also the balls on the pool table and the pool stick. The game starts with just two balls and they increase on the other levels. The pool table in different levels changes in color. The simple and clean graphics of the game works for it, but it would have been better if you have a complete view of the pool table so it would feel like you are really playing the real game.

Easy to Learn

Pocket Pool has a basic game play. Just like the real game, the main goal is to hit the balls so they get inside the hole of the pool table. You have to adjust the trajectory so the balls can get in.

Fast Gameplay

Pocket Pool App

Every level of the game is quick, making it fast paced. You need to get as much score as you can. The game ends when you fail to get the ball inside the hole. If you don’t like games that take time to complete their levels, this one will work for you.

It’s Repetitive

This is a casual arcade game that you can play anytime. You can easily pick it up and put down. The game is the same for all levels. While the color of the table changes and the number of balls increases, the gameplay is the same. It is repetitive so if you are looking for a variety, it can quickly grow old on you.

The Good

Pocket Pool is a free and easy to play app that comes with simple and clean graphics. It’s fast paced and easy to learn. It’s a casual app that you can pick up and put down anytime you want.

The Bad

Only a small part of the pool table, which is the area with a hole, is shown. The game can be repetitive as it’s just the same for all levels. It can get boring if you are the type of player that’s looking for variety.

The Verdict

If you are into a casual and fast paced game that you can pick up and put down anytime, this is a game that will keep you occupied. You can play as much as you want and beat your own high score. It can be repetitive and it lacks variety, but you may want to give it a try if you are looking for an app to keep you busy and entertained.

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