Puzzledom Review

On January 31, 2020

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses. It’s a lazy day today as it’s a free day. We don’t have anything to do today as we just had a big hunt yesterday that let us take home great finds! It’s the other buckos turn to cook in the kitchen, so there’s no rush for me. This old salt is just enjoying this one fine morning on deck of the good old Jolly Roger! Since there is nothing else to do but enjoy the morning breeze and the view of the huge ocean, I decided to write another app review for ye hearties. Listen up as me tell ye about an app called Puzzledom by Metajoy.

Simple but attractive graphics

Puzzledom Review

The general interface of the game is simple but clean. The colors used are vibrant and the objects are created precisely. It is easy to find your way around the app since the options are self-explanatory. You will be familiar with it in no time. The puzzle categories are listed so you can go back to them anytime you want and choose the one that you wish to play. Most of the puzzles have basic shapes in them but because of their neatness, they still look attractive. This free game has ads in between levels and some of them may take time to finish playing.

Several puzzles in one app

Puzzledom App

There are different categories of puzzles available in the app, each of these categories have different levels. Some of these puzzle types include number link, connect and rolling ball. The variety that it offers is a plus, especially for those who gets easily bored playing one game or those who prefer to change games every now and then. You will not be disappointed in this area because there are different puzzle categories to select from.

Right level of difficulty

As mentioned, each category has its levels. The first few levels are easier to complete. The difficulty increases as the levels go up. They still have the right level of difficulty because while you may find yourself having to undo your steps or retake some levels, you will still be able to find the solution in no time.

The good

Puzzledom is free and there are different puzzle categories and levels to play. While some levels may be challenging, they have the right level of difficulty that will give you that challenge, but will still be solvable.

The bad

There are advertisements in between the levels. While some of them are quick to play, there are also those that take more time and do not have a skip option so you need to wait for them to finish before you can move on to the next level.

The verdict

Puzzledom is a fantastic app to add on your list, especially if you love puzzle games and you want to challenge yourself. There are various categories and levels to play that are challenging, yet still solvable. There may be some annoying ads, but generally, it’s an amazing app to try.

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