Redecor – Home Design Game Review

On April 19, 2022

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Yer friendly app pirate is back from another treasure hunt with the crew. Besides the gold that we found, we also took home several great other finds. There were so many pieces that this old salt picked, which me thought would look great for the good old Jolly Roger. I can’t wait to start decorating. Ye know how much I loved decorating homes even before becoming a pirate. Me still have the design skills and passion in me, which is evident with the décor of the ship. Har, har, har! Since I’m in decorating mode, the game I will share with ye is also about that. Batten down the hatches as me tell ye more about this app called Redecor – Home Design Game by Reworks Ltd.

It’s free with minimal ads

Redecor - Home Design Game Review

You can get this decorating game without spending money since you can download it for free. While most games have excessive ads, this one also has advertisements, but they are minimal. So, if you hate games with intrusive ads, you will like this game because it doesn’t bombard you with ads.

It’s all about decorating

Redecor - Home Design Game App

If you are looking for a home decorating game, this one will not disappoint you because it’s all about that. Others would come with other games like puzzle games, which is okay if you want a variety of games in one app. However, if you just one to focus on decorating homes, then this an app to try because it offers you that. You can decorate different spaces that come with various instructions. It gives you information of what to achieve for the design but it’s still up to you how to do it.

It comes with more options

You are given a specific area that you need to design, like for example, a living room with a couch. They come in white, so you choose the design and colors. Other decorating games usually only come with three options, but this game has more options than that. Also, the more you play and earn, the more options become available. It makes decorating more fun because you get to choose various options. Plus, it gives you a preview on how these options will look like, so you can make a sound decision, before buying them.

The prices can be expensive

Some of the options cost a lot, so you might not be able to afford them easily. Besides winning in contests, other ways to earn are by submitting designs and voting. So, you might need to do a lot of that to earn enough money you would need for designing. Unless, you decide to make an in-app purchase using real money. It sometimes feel that you are forced to do this since the options are too expensive.

Thumbs up

The game is free and it offers several design options. It only focuses in decorating, which is good if you are only after this type of game. It also gas minimal ads.

Thumbs down

Some of the options can be too expensive, and earning coins can be difficult.

The verdict

Redecor – Home Design Game is a great game to add on your list if you are into decorating games. It’s free with minimal ads. It has great graphics, and it is also only focused on decorating homes, which is great if you want to play only this type of game.

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