Restaurant Dash, Gordon Ramsay Review

On August 20, 2017

Ahoy there me lads and lasses. Not all of ye may know it, but this bucko is a good cook. Aye, I’ve been helping me mama in the kitchen when I was a little lad. The crew and me parrot pet can attest to that as they eat a lot when this old salt prepares the food in the ship. Me not only good in booty hunting and drinking rum, but in cooking too. Me also love watching cooking shows like the ones hosted by Gordon Ramsay. Aye, me know this famous chef, har, har, har! I’ll be sharing with ye an app that was inspired by this chef and ‘tis called Restaurant Dash, Gordon Ramsay by Glu.

Stunning Graphics and Smooth Movement

Restaurant Dash Gordon Ramsay Game

This game is a winner in the graphics department. From the characters to the restaurant and foods, you will find it fun to look at. The character of Gordon Ramsay was nicely done and it looks a lot like the celebrity chef. It also allows customization of your character, which is a good feature as personalizing something in the game always makes it more enjoyable. The movement of the characters when moving from one place to another to prepare the foods and serve to customers is also smooth.

It’s Easy to Play and Familiar

Restaurant Dash Gordon Ramsay App

The game is familiar and easy to play because it follows the basic gameplay of other restaurant or diner dash games, which is to serve the customers their orders. What makes it different are the characters, foods served, and the restaurant settings. It’s also fun that the Gordon Ramsay character looks like him and the voice over was also similar to his voice. If you have watched the celebrity chef’s show before, you will find it nice how it feels like you are really watching the real Gordon Ramsay on the game.

It is Challenging But Not Impossible

The first levels of the game are still easy to complete. However, when you get to the higher levels, the game becomes more challenging because you have higher goals and limited time. Although you may need to repeat some of the levels before you can successfully complete them, this what makes the game more exciting.

Fun Boss Battles and Leaderboards

The game can be played offline, but when you play it online, you can compete with other players on leaderboard, which will make you want to do better in the game. What also makes it different from other similar games is that it has boss battles, where you will be competing with celebrity chefs, including Gordon Ramsay.

The Good

It has great graphics and animation. It’s easy to learn and play, but challenging. There are leaderboards and boss battles that make it more exciting. The celebrity chefs, including Gordon Ramsay look like the real people.

The Bad

The gold bars, which are the premium currencies, are difficult to get and upgrading some of the items also has high requirements before they can be completed.

The Verdict

There are a few drawbacks to Restaurant Dash, Gordon Ramsay, but overall this app is still a good find. If you love restaurant games or you’re a fan of cooking show, this casual game is highly recommended.

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