Robbery Bob Review

On May 19, 2013

As I’ve mentioned before, I respect the work of me thievin’ brothers on the land. Aye, they may not be the shiniest apples in the bunch, but they be an entertainin’ lot who always have somethin’ new to do. While me and me crew don’t spare ’em, some o’ ’em are close friends. This is why I sorely want to meet Robbery Bob someday, as he is the most unfortunate character in the entire app store. O’ course, the doesn’t mean he don’t belong in a new adventure though, and this is why I’ve been playin’ his game for weeks now, and I think it be time to review it.

Robbery Bob is one of those games that comes along once in a while and tries to change the app formula up. In this case, this game finally introduces stealth elements to the mobile gaming world. It’s also pretty charming because of its wonderful combination of graphics and gameplay, which really makes the stealth action even more awesome.

Top down Thieving Madness

The great part about this game is that it’s top down, and usually stealth mechanics benefit greatly from this point of view. This is because you get the best range of view, without having to resort to any third person camera angles. It can also work with the environments as roving people, dogs, and other menaces can be spotted immediately. It all works together well in the game, and there’s no doubt that it makes the title a tad more fun to play, but how does it work with the graphics?

Robbery Bob Review

Since everything is shown from a top down perspective, it just looks like a blue-print with a lot of detail in it. However, that does not stop the game from being very pretty, and in fact, the game is actually a decent contender among other, higher grade games on the iOS.

The Gameplay

As was mentioned above, the game is a top down adventure and the adventure mostly occurs in private homes and such. The objective is always clear, there’s one item that needs to be stolen in order to end the level, but on the way you can grab as much stuff as you want. This little feature makes the game a lot more interesting because you’re required to search around the house for a better score. Roving patrols are probably the most annoying thing you will find in a stealth game; however, without them the game would be about a moron who’s skulking around in the dark.

Robbery Bob Icon Robbery Bob App

The patrols in this game are widely varied, and differ in challenge as well because progression and pacing in this game are well planned. The best part of this game is that it doesn’t push you to finish off levels as fast as you can, the accolades can come at any speed you want, but the highly coveted ones are usually the ones made for speed.

The Verdict

This title is probably one of the best games to come out on the iOS in recent memory, and here’s hoping this gets more sequels along the road. That’s not the point here though; the real thing is that if you like new experiences with a cheap price tag, you shouldn’t hesitate to pick this one up. Me and all my Stinkin’ crew are looting Pirate hence are fingers are tied to this marvelous app. Me ship even hit an Iceberg because me First mate didn’t go starboard in time because of Robbery Bob. Garr!!


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