Shark Boom Review

On June 2, 2018

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! The booty hunting adventure that we just had was a huge success. The crew and I found this fantastic island that was filled with not just gold and pearls, but with fruits too! We were all full eating the fruits and were even to take a lot in the good old Joly Roger. The island was untouched and it looked heavenly! This old salt suddenly felt like wanting to have me own island! Well, speaking of that, the next app that I will share with ye will let us do that. ‘Tis called Shark Boom by Oasis Games. Avast ye and let’s start!

Eye Catching 3D Graphics

Shark Boom Review

This app is made from 3D graphics, which is eye-catching. The islands and the things that you can add in your islands, including the towers, pets, and ships, all look fantastic. There are also various islands to unlock that lets you design several ones. They also have different themes so you will find it more enjoyable as you can style them differently.

What You Build Can Be Easily Destroyed

Typical island building games will just let you build your islands without the risk of having them destroyed. This is where this one differs as the said risk is present in this app. Others could attack your island so they could earn more coins. Although there are ways to make your defense stronger, like upgrading your pets and getting more shields, it can still be devastating when you suffer loss, especially after taking time to build your islands. On the other hand, you can also attack others to earn more. If you love this type of gameplay, you may enjoy it even more.

Coins Are Hard to Collect

Coins are difficult to collect because spins are only limited or you might need to attack more players. The coins that you earned can also be easily spent as upgrades cost a lot. You may be tempted to make an in-app purchase in order to get more of what you need, although of course it’s still up to you. Plus, your coins can be stolen when attacked, so you would need to spend them all at once, which is difficult especially when you need to collect more for a specific purchase or upgrade that costs a lot.

Thumbs Up

Shark Boom App

Shark Boom has amazing 3D graphics, which is pleasing to the eyes. You can customize the island to your liking and there are also other islands to unlock that come in varying themes.

Thumbs Down

There’s a chance that you will be attacked and your island will be destroyed or your coins will be stolen.

The Verdict

Shark Boom may have this attack feature that could be annoying to some players, but add excitement to others. However, the graphics is topnotch and it can keep you occupied. If you are patient enough to keep building and upgrading, and strategic to secure your islands, while earning coins, you will find yourself with several unlocked islands in no time.

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