Smash Spin Rage Review

On July 10, 2013

Shiver me timbers! The damned be coming forth from the briny deep! Hurry before we become shark bait to these monsters! Aye lad, there be nothing more frightful for us sea dogs than to fight those that be from beyond. And that is what ye be gettin’ when ye play Smash Spin Rage on yer device! Dead men do tell no tales young bucko. Play this game… if ye dare!

What happens when everything you have ever loved is taken away from you and then you are also killed? Well, anger knows no bounds even in the afterlife. Your hate and pain causes your spirit to embody a ball and chain, which you will use to smash and spin your way through the underworld. Fight against demons, skeletons and monsters until you can go back to the realm of the living once again!


The environment in which Smash Spin Rage is set is quite the representation of what the underworld would look like, if there ever was one. Dark, eerie and creepy, the scary scenarios would have your eyes glued to your device checking every corner for dangers that are ahead. Adding to that, the graphics and three-dimensional camera views are quite engaging, especially when you are battling enemies.

Smash Spin Rage Review

If that wasn’t enough, the ominous tones that serve as the soundtrack to the game will make you feel like you are in a horror movie. You will be fighting against a total of 21 enormous bosses so you really are in for the fight of your redemption. Avast ye!


This is a multi touch game, which means that there are a number of buttons you will be using to perform certain actions. For Smash Spin Rage, the controls are pretty easy to handle as they are already laid out for you on the screen. You will be guided at the early stages of the game so you will know what to do and how you can perform special attacks. Plus, the controls are also quite responsive so tapping a button lightly will help you get the job done.

Smash Spin Rage App

As mentioned, the graphics and animation here is quite awesome. For a mobile game, this was really well put together to the extent that you could be playing something that is meant for a console. In addition, there is no lagging or glitch, which is usually an inconvenience for most players especially during flurries with enemies.


Smash Spin Rage is an interesting concept in the role-playing game genre. Being a spirit trapped in a ball and chain, it takes away the usual hero type of character who saves the day with his mighty sword. In this game, you are the weapon! This game can be downloaded for free and works on most Android as well as iOS devices. As a not-so-typical RPG, this one will surely be an immediate favourite of yours. Finally, this is the first of a trilogy that will be released over a period of time.


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