Smurfs Epic Run Review

On August 22, 2016

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Avast ye me hearties. Yer friendly app pirate has just been in another crazy and tiring, but fun booty hunting adventure. Me got loads of booties, aye! The crew and I drank all night to celebrate! Well, ye know us, we always drink even if we ain’t got lots of booties. Har, har, har! Even if this bucko was drank last night, I still didn’t forget the app that I will share with ye me lads and lasses. ‘Tis called Smurfs Epic Run by Ubisoft Entertainment. Yo, ho, ho me maties, let’s begin the review.

Gorgeous Graphics

Smurfs Epic Run App

One of the best things that would attract you to this game is its amazing graphics. Smurfs Epic Run is not made in 3D. It’s actually made in 2D, but the characters, items, background settings and the whole graphics area in general deserves two thumbs up. The colors are vivid and the worlds where you would be in varies so your eyes would be refreshed to see different things rather than just see the same setting for the entire game, which is most what other runner games are like. It’s a runner game but not an endless runner. There are breaks through each stages and you level up as you gain experience, unlocking more content.

Just the Right Sound

The background music is just right for the app. It’s fun and a bit adventurous. Other games have so strong background music that it takes away your focus on the game as they could be distracting. With this one, the background music would even add to the excitement.

It’s Familiar

Smurfs are very popular. They have their comic series, movies and there are Smurf toys that you may even had when you were a kid. There are different Smurf characters to unlock and use on the run so you could choose your favorite. The background settings were also based in their comic series so if you have read them before, it would feel nice to see them on the app.

Loads of Content with Quick to Finish Stages

Smurfs Epic Run Game

There are various stages, missions, items and content to unlock as you level up. Although there are several stages, every stage doesn’t take too long to finish. It’s just enough to have fun and enjoy each without getting tired or even bored of getting to the next level.

The Good

The game is free to download and it has loads of content to unlock giving you more playing hours. It has gorgeous graphics and fun background music. It’s also familiar to those who have read the comics or watched the movies before.

The Bad

Since it’s free, it also comes with advertisements. There are in-app purchases although they are not forced to users. It may need to be disabled though if a child would play this to prevent unwanted purchases.

The Verdict

Smurfs Epic Run has a few drawbacks, although these are things that are often expected on free games like advertisements and in-app purchases. However, this is a fun and nostalgic game all in all so it’s recommended that you give it a go.

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