Snakes and Ladders Game Review

On December 20, 2019

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Ahoy there me mateys! We went to another amazing treasure hunt yesterday and because we were too tired, it was only this morning that we checked all the content of the treasure chest that we found. The contents are no gold, gems, or pearls, but we buckos still consider them as treasure. Why? It’s because the chest contained different toys and games that we used to play when we were kids. Aye, it brought a lot of good memories. Since this pirate is still feeling nostalgic, me decided to share with ye a classic game that ye may have played back when you were little. Batten down the hatches and let us go for a review of this app called Snakes and Ladders from IDZ Digital Private Limited.

It’s a classic game with a twist

Snakes and Ladders Game Review

It has the same gameplay as the classic game of the same name, which is Snakes and Ladders. If you have played the popular board game before, this app will take you back in time as the goal is still to be the first to reach the flag. However, there are some fresh twists in the new app version that will add fun to the game that you’ve always loved. One of the new additions is the power-up, which you can get when you land on some of the numbers that have them. There are also other obstacles that you need to avoid so your progress won’t be delayed. Unlike with the original game, you only need to avoid the snakes to prevent going back to the previous numbers.

Graphics reimagined

Snakes and Ladders Game App

Aside from the new added twists, the graphics is also not the same as the classic game that always had the same look. From the typical black, green and yellow interface and graphics that you will see from the original game, the new take on the game leveled up in this department. It looks modern and more eye-catching. The squares with the numbers will remind you of the boxes in another hit game, Super Mario. The characters representing the player are also adorable.

It comes with multiplayer mode

You can play with the computer and you can also play with other players. It can accommodate up to 4 players making it more fun, especially if you are with friends or family members. It can serve as a game to pass time or to be entertained during down time. However, you really don’t have a say or you can’t strategize since it’s a game of chance and the result of the rolled dice is random.

Thumbs up

Snakes and Ladders Game will bring back good memories from your childhood if you have played the classic game of the same name before. It has some new twists but still retained the main gameplay, and also has reimagined graphics that are more eye-catching.

Thumbs down

It’s a game of chance so you don’t really have control on what will be the result when the dice is rolled.

The verdict

It really doesn’t have a drawback as Snakes and Ladders Game is a better version of the classic game. It’s a game of chance, which is what the old game is about too. So if you are a fan of this classic hit, this app is a must try.

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