Space Corgi – Dogs and Friends Review

On July 16, 2017

Space Corgi - Dogs and Friends Icon

Ahoy there me hearties. Yer favorite app pirate is here again for another dose of review of an app that me found from the seven seas. ‘Afore me had a parrot pet, me mama got me a pet dog when I was a little lad. Don’t let me parrot pet hear this ‘acause it gets jealous whenever it hears that me had another pet aside from it. Har, har, har! The app that this old salt will share with ye mateys today reminded me of me pet dog. ‘Tis called Space Corgi – Dogs and Friends by Next Doors. Avast ye as we start with the review.

It’s Easy to Learn But Challenging

Space Corgi - Dogs and Friends Review
The basic gameplay is simple to learn since it only requires tapping on the screen to make the character go up and avoid hitting obstacles, while collecting coins. It’s the usual gameplay on most casual games on the same genre. If you have played the app Flappy Bird before or you are familiar with it, this app will remind you of that since they have similar gameplay. They of course differ on the background and characters. While this may sound easy to play, you will also find it challenging, especially you want to rank up or beat your previous score. It’s something that would not just keep you occupied to pass time, but you are probably going to enjoy this.

Cute Graphics But Limited Options

Space Corgi - Dogs and Friends App
The graphics is not really extra ordinary, but it is also not that bad. Dog lovers will love the cute dog characters with the corgi being the first character to be available. While the dogs are cute, there are only a few options. It would be better of more will be added, especially ones that do not need to be purchased, to make the game more enjoyable.

Bugs on Ranking

While this doesn’t happen to everyone, there are players that have reported about experiencing bugs on their rankings. Their new high score is not being saved so their previous score remains the same and they do not rank up.

Requires Purchasing to Unlock Dog Characters

There are caged dogs that need to be rescued. While they are supposed to be unlocked once rescued, they will only appear on your list of dogs to play once you purchased them. It would have been better if there is no need to purchase them since they have already been rescued.

The Good

The game is easy to learn and it’s also challenging so you will enjoy playing it. The characters are cute, which dog lovers would be happy about.

The Bad

There is a bug that may not save the latest score in the game, although it doesn’t happen all the time. The characters saved from the caged will not also be available on your list unless you pay for them.

The Verdict

There might be some minor bugs and the rescued dogs must still be purchased in order to use them, but overall Space Corgi – Dogs and Friends is a good game to try. It will keep you busy, making it a nice app to pass time, especially if you’re into dogs.

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