Starfront Collision Review

On September 25, 2012

Arrr mateys! Show me a sea that I haven’t sailed and I will give you booty the same weight as yours. You see land lubber, once you have scoured the seven seas for gold and glory you will see every thing that a pirate must see. You will find paradise and even the isle of Calypso. But there is one place that a pirate can only dream of sailin’ – space. Arrr mates a popular science fiction TV show once said that space is the final frontier. Alas me lads, we have yet to affix a space hyper drive on the good ole Jolly Roger. Until then we sail the outer space with the mobile game app Startfront. Here is me review for the Starfront Collision.

Space What?

What is Starfront Collision all about? As the name implies, it is about a clash of space titans. It is the story where two planets are too close too one another. In effect one planet is fast rotting and disintegrating. This causes stones and rocks to turn to meteorites to land on the other planet. The receiving planet uses these stones as valuable resources. And in the receiving planet there are three dominant races that lord over the land. The first group is the human mining Consortium. The second group is the insect-alien looking creatures Myriad. And the last group is the robot looking Wardens. And they are all in the battle for the supremacy of the surviving planet. The three classes might be reminiscent of the StarCraft groupings but it offers a great range of teams to choose from. Each group has its strength for you to discover.


The mobile game Starfront Collision gives you choices of what groups will you love. But the game allows you to play all three groups via the mission mode. The several missions total to 20 different levels. The game is a bit biased though on the Consortium. A lot more missions are assigned to them. The Myriads and the Wardens got the remaining levels. But the levels are fun enough so that you will not feel the disparity on the usage of groups.

Strategy Game

The mobile game app Starfront Collision is a true blue strategy game. And that is what has been lacking in the mobile gaming platform. Whether you are commandeering a group to stealth attacks or going at it in an epic show down, strategy will win you. And players, casual ones and serious one, will have it no other way. And to put the much needed layer in the strategy game, there are units that can fly and there are that have heavy armor and some can attack undetected. Using them to your advantage pushes the experience of the strategy game.

Point and Lead

The game has translated the strategy genre into the mobile game platform. Touch screen fighting is best used here. The game is simple, you touch a unit and you move it. And just like in Starcraft, double taps will bring about new options. Shame on the gamer who will have issue on the game play and the control of this game. Arguably, this is the best strategy game in mobile game apps.

Game Modes

The game is also diverse enough. It offers different game modes for players to explore the worlds more. The first mode is the Skirmish type. This is a straight up game against the computer. You can also go straight to online multiplayer mode in Skirmish. The Multiplayer mode is also fun. The challenge of battling on all fronts is something else. One will say again that this is very Starcraft-esque. Imitation may be bad, but if it is done well it is downright flattering for the original.

Starfront Collision has a very interesting story hook. Two worlds colliding and all the groups can do is to fight might not sit well with many. But mateys, the fights are really something else.

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