StickWars Review

On October 14, 2012

Ahoy there me lads and lassies. I have me sumthin’ to say that will make a wee bit thoughtful, so here it goes. Stick figures, a structure that eerily resembles the Great Wall of China and your finger. What do all these things have in common? If you guessed “a video game” then you are absolutely right.

Stick Wars is a fun game for the iOS that will surely tire your finger out from all the swiping you have to do. Nonetheless, it is very enjoyable and you get to throw people up into the air.

What Makes the Game Awesome

My pirate interest reached a peak once I started playing Stick Wars. The game is very simple. Your objective is to not let any stick figure people reach your wall and bang on it. You can make them avoid reaching it by placing your finger on one of them and flick them upwards to send them skyrocketing in the air. Of course, the gravity of it all will kill them as soon as they land.

The game starts off easy enough for you to get the hang of it but be warned though. Things will get tougher and tougher as you progress in Stick Wars. If it was just these stick figures and the wall that would already be enough to consider this an enjoyable title. However, there are other aspects that make the game even better.

For one, you can upgrade your castle with the money you earn and build a prison to capture enemies. Aye, I have spent many nights in different prisons so I know it is not a lot of fun to be in one! Besides building a prison, you can also repair your walls, fortify it and even have a bomb factory built. All these upgrades are essential when you move even closer to the harder parts of the game.

The Game Play

Your finger is your controller in Stick Wars. As soon as the stick figures come charging in, you will have to swipe your finger upwards when you point it on each of them. The higher you fling them up, the harder they fall. At the same time, when you do a poor job, they won’t die and continue on charging.

You’ll be knee-deep in trouble once they start banging on your wall. The wall has a health meter, which can be replenished, that must not be depleted. Once this happens, you lose. You will need to use your finger-eye coordination to time your attacks right and not have any of the stick figures even reach your wall.

Over a few levels, the game gets to be challenging. Even if you upgrade your arsenal, so will the enemy. Soon your eyes will start playing tricks on you and make you confused as to what the right move should be. This game is the true test of how you will be able to handle yourself during times of battle. Will you keep calm and annihilate everything or will you crack under pressure and allow your walls to be breached? The answer is up to you.

The Verdict

When I and me ship are not out on the open sea, I lust for a battle that will get me and me trusty cutlass more limbs to chop and heads to roll. For those times, I play Stick Wars. For $.99 it is a very cheap title that provides more than it is actually worth. This is a one-of-a-kind game that you do not see commonly made. If you want to act like a big bully and throw people up in the air like I do, download this game to experience Stick Wars! Have fun and do not let them through.

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