Super Adventure Review

On April 27, 2017

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! I bet ye mateys know how yer friendly app pirate loves adventure, aye? It makes me adrenalin go up and me feel excited just talking about it. ‘Afore boarding the good old Jolly Roger with the crew, the only adventure me had as a little lad were those that me played on the computer and arcade. Me found this app called Super Adventure by GeraldMeekscuik, which reminded me of the classic game I used to play. Avast ye and we’ll begin with the review.

It’s Like a Classic Game with a Twist

Super Adventure Review

The first time that you see the game it will immediately remind you of the classic Super Mario game. It’s nostalgic as it will take you back to your childhood and bring some good old memories. It also has the same basic gameplay and the environment is a reminder of the said classic game. There are bricks to break and coins to collect. What makes it different is that it has a different character, there are a variety of villains, and there are also various settings on the game.

Simple and Fun to Play

Super Adventure App

The gameplay is pretty basic. Survive each level by avoiding the obstacles and taking down the enemies, while collecting coins. It only requires tapping on the up arrow to make your character jump or long tap to make it jump higher, and the left or right arrow to move it to the direction you want. There’s also a pause option, which is good as you can attend to something without ending the game or you can take a break if you want and go back to where you left.

Good Graphics

While it looks a lot like Super Mario, its graphics are better, which adds fun to the game. You will not get bored with what you see as there are different villains that you will meet along the way and there are also various worlds to explore including the caves, castles, forests, and deserts. There used to be only five levels in the first release, but more levels have already been added, and according to the developers, more levels will be added soon.

Needs Improvement on the Controls

There are times that the controls do not work properly when tapping on the arrows to make the character move forward and back. It needs to be improved for more accuracy. This app is free and like many apps like this, it also has advertisements.

The Good

Super Adventure is nostalgic and it will bring good memories from childhood as it will remind you of the classic Super Mario game. However, it has better graphics, it has various worlds, and more levels were added. The basic gameplay is easy to learn and understand.

The Bad

There are some issues on the controls at times as there are moments and there are also annoying advertisements.

The Verdict

Super Adventure may some hiccups in the controls, this doesn’t happen all the time so you can still enjoy playing the game. It’s fun, free, and nostalgic, so we recommend giving it a try.

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