Super Jim Jump Review

On September 17, 2018

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum. Here’s yer favorite app pirate again ready to give ye another app review. Me parrot pet is bugging me as it wants to play, but don’t ye worry as I will be writing a review for ye lads and lasses ‘afore we play. So let’s begin right away with the review of this app called Super Jim Jump by Gameone.

It Reminds You of Super Mario Bros

Super Jim Jump App

Super Jim Jump looks a lot like the classic game Super Mario Bros. If you are familiar with the said game, the first time you see this app, it will immediately remind you of it. The green and brown terrain, the bricks, the gold coins, and the enemies that also has similarity on the other game’s enemies, they are all a reminder of the said classic game. It has the same basic gameplay where you need to reach the end of the level and pulling the flag down. There are also boss fights. This is what sets it apart from the Super Mario Bros game as there are different bosses to face, while there’s the same boss for the latter. This app is available for free, although it comes with several advertisements.

It Has Remarkable Graphics

The graphics of the game is well done as it has vibrant colors and the pixel graphics will bring you back when 3D games were not yet popular. While the first world looks a lot like of the first world in Super Mario Bros, the other worlds look different. They feel more modern that the said classic game. As mentioned, there are also different boss characters that you will fight against like the big monkey, robot, goblin, and mummy.

The Sound Effect Adds Life to the Game

Super Jim Jump Game

The background music is also the same as Super Mario Bros. Nevertheless, it is still a good addition to the game as you will feel more into the game. It’s upbeat and adventurous at the same time. The sound effects are the usual sounds that you would often hear when collecting coins even on other games.

The Ups

Super Jim Jump is free to play and it reminds you of the classic game of Super Mario Bros. Being reminded of the said classic game can be good for those who are looking for similar games. It has remarkable graphics with different worlds and bosses.

The Downs

The similarity on Super Mario Bros can also be a drawback for those who are looking for a fresh app that’s completely unique from other games. The advertisements also pop-up even in the middle of the game, which is a great annoyance as it can distract you from the game.

The Verdict

Super Jim Jump is an app that is a reminder of the classic game Super Mario Bros, but incorporates new features like different boss fights and various worlds. It is a good game to try if you are into this type of game and you would like to be reminded of the said classic game.

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