Super Waves Survivor Review

On March 19, 2013

Ahoy thar landlubbers! I’v had a bad day to say the least, meh. By the wrath of old Poseidon me small ship has submerged and I had to sail in me dusty old Raft for hours like a new buccaneer. An old seadog like me in a raft, could ya’ believe? Kinda reminds me of this new App that hit the market called Super Waves Survivor.

The game is a cross section of gameplay which reminds one of Tiny Wings, Visuals which are similar to Jetpack Joyride and game flow that gives a vibe of Fruit Ninja. Sounds good huh? Aye, Tis’ just that.

The Game

Super Waves Survivor is all about getting the highest score possible through surviving the longest you possibly can against all the mighty dangers of the sea. In this game, you will encounter many hazardous sea creatures, such as the deadly blow fish, the stingy Medusa, vicious Seagulls, man eating Sharks and what not. You’ll have to dodge, strike or jump when you encounter them, and collect bonuses and coins by surfing and sliding on waves along the way.

Super Waves Survivor Review

Once, me first mate told me a fairytale about a lovely mermaid, and I made him walk the plank because I thought he’s only after a bottle of fine Grog. But as it turns out that there are mermaids after all! You will meet those marvelous creatures in this game, as they can help you along the way. Oh, by the way, did I mention your wave surfer can jam the guitar like a pro? Aye, them rifts are splendid!

The Gameplay

You can jump or move forward by pressing buttons on your smartphone screen. As you keep rowing your little boat takes more and more water on board, and your job is to avoid being submerged. In addition, there are tons of achievements to claim which sure put a lot of pep in your step as the gameplay continues.

Super Waves Survivor App

As you go on and on the background keeps changing, and the water’s physics are truly great. The game is really diverse in the sense of creatures and challenges you stumble upon. You will need some killer instincts to survive like a true Pirate. The sea is a treturous place you know, take the word of an old Seadog like me, ha-ha!

It’s Interactive

Challenging your friends and competing in the leaderboard is the true marvel in this game. The best games out there require you to test your skills against other people, and this is where you truly test your paddling skills, or should I say ocean survival instincts. This mighty Pirate is ranked number one across the seven seas I’ll have you know! Garrr!

In The End

Super Waves Survivor is a fun, challenging and nifty game. You will have your hand eye coordination improve like no other game out there. Kind of like Fruit Ninja meets Tiny Wings in a Jetpack Joyride engine. Plus, it’s free. Aye, a true gem in the treasure chest me says. Set the sails, I’m off to sea, Ahoy!


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