Sweet Candy Farm Review

On September 8, 2018

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Ahoy there me hearties! It’s me again yer favorite app pirate ready for another adventure in the seven seas. Aside from the gold coins and pearls that we find when treasure hunting, the crew and I also find unique and interesting finds like sweets! In one of our booty hunting adventure, we found loads of candies and chocolates that we all loved! Me found this app that reminded me of that island and this is what I’ll share with ye lads and lasses. The app is called Sweet Candy Farm by Foranj.

Cute Graphics

Sweet Candy Farm App

As you would expect in an app with the title that has a “sweet candy” in it, it has eye candy graphics that is refreshing to the eyes and fun to look at. If you are into colourful and adorable looking graphics, then this app will not disappoint you. Instead of the typical farm that has different crops and plats, there are different sweets planted like lollipops. There are also various animals, but instead of eating hay, they also love sweets like bubble gums.

Basic Gameplay

Sweet Candy Farm Game

The gameplay is basic as it only requires tapping and waiting for the process to complete. If you have played farm games before, then you would know how to play this app right away as it’s exactly similar to that. The only difference is that you are farming sweets instead of plants or crops.

Money and Gems are Difficult to Earn

This app is a free to play farming game. But like other free to play, it takes time to earn money, especially the premium currency, which is gem. You need to complete the requirement for the current level before you can move on to the next level and earn money. The money that you earned will be easily spent on your upgrades. As expected, you have to wait for the processes to complete. For instance, it takes time before a structure is finished and becomes usable, or the candies to be ready for harvest. You need to use gems in order to speed up the process, which as mentioned is a rare commodity. Since it involves waiting for a long period, it is something that would work if you prefer games that you can just check out every now and then. However, if you prefer continuous action, you could find this app to be boring.

The Good

Sweet Candy Farm is free to play and it has adorable graphics that are eye-candies. It’s also easy to learn as it has a tutorial in the beginning, and it just basically requires clicking.

The Bad

Money and gems can be difficult to earn. It takes time for some structures to be available, as well as other processes to be completed.

The Verdict

Sweet Candy Farm is like other typical farm games that let you plant and harvest. The only difference is that candies are being farmed and harvested instead of plants. If you are into this type of game and you prefer a game that you just check out every now and then, this app is for you.

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