Sweet Escapes Review

On June 28, 2019

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! I still can’t sleep and it’s already late at night. I think me know why! It’s because of sugar overload! The crew and I decided to bake some sweet treats that we all ended up liking and eating. My tummy was full but me mouth can’t stop because they were all so tasty! Since I could not sleep, let me just share with ye an app review. Aye, me hearties, it will also be about sweets! Har, har, har. Here’ me review of an app called Sweet Escapes by Redemption Games, Inc.

Cute and colorful graphics

Sweet Escapes Review

The graphics of the game is adorable. It’s an eye candy as the colors used are on the light side, and the objects including the bakery itself and the decors are charming. The game starts with a ruined bakery shop that you will decorate. The blocks on the match 3 games are just average since they just come in different colors with the symbol of an object at the center. On the left side are the goals you need to achieve, and the number of moves; plus a picture of the bunny that serves as your guide. The background of the match game window is the inside of the bakery with low transparency, although you can still clearly make out the details like chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes on the shelves.

Familiar gameplay with a fresh offering

Sweet Escapes App

If you have played match 3 games before, this will be instantly familiar as it follows the same basic gameplay. However, instead of 3, you can match a minimum of 2 similar blocks to remove them from the game window. Also, it offers various power-ups that you can collect when you eliminate specific number of blocks. For instance, blocks with rocket symbols will give you a rocket that will remove blocks on the same lane. Another fresh offering is that you will also decorate the bakeshop and bring it back to life

Limited decoration options

After completing a level, you can decorate one part of the bakeshop and you will be given three options for each. For instance, after completing one level of the match game, you will be asked to change the wallpaper of the bakeshop and you can choose form one of the options by clicking on it. It will then automatically change the wallpaper to chosen design. Aside from having limited décor options, you are also limited on the customization of the bakery as you can only change the ones that are asked from you to change on the game.

The good

Sweet Escapes is free to play and it has adorable graphics. It’s also easy to learn and it comes with a fresh feature of decorating a bakery, aside from the typical matching of blocks that you will see on similar apps.

The bad

The options for customization are limited.

The verdict

If you are into match games and decorating apps, Sweet Escapes is a title to add on your list. It may have limited customization option but it still offers something fresh compared to similar games.

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