Sweet Selfie Pro Review

On January 17, 2018

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Ahoy there me hearties! Here’s yer favorite pirate ready for another adventure with me crew and ‘acourse me parrot pet. We are looking to find more booties on this trip. But ‘afore that, ‘acourse me wouldn’t forget to leave ye lads and lasses with something to read. Aye, me prepared a review for ye me maties. The app that we will review for today is called Sweet Selfie Pro. Batten down the hatches buccaneers as we start with the review.

It’s Familiar

Sweet Selfie Pro Review

Beauty apps that enhance selfies; and apps with stickers, and video effects are not new in the smartphone industry. This app offers all so you don’t have to use different apps to have all these. If you are into taking selfies and videos, and you are fond of enhancing your images and videos, you will find this app interesting and helpful.

It’s Intuitive

Sweet Selfie Pro App

Other apps similar to this one take time to learn. What makes this app better is that it’s easy to understand and it’s intuitive so you will be familiar with its use in no time. Those who prefer non-complicated applications will like this one.

Offers Lots of Features

Sweet Selfie Pro has a lot of features that you will enjoy. This makes it a great app for those who love posting and sharing their selfies and videos. There are filters that will instantly enhance the overall look of your picture, as well as stickers to make it even more fun. It also comes with retouch features to enhance specific areas of your face. Aside from enhancing images, there are also stickers and animations that can be used on the videos. It’s like snapchat but it doesn’t require any sign up and the videos are not immediately deleted.

Free and Less Hassle

You can get this app for free. Sharing to various sites like Facebook and Twitter is hassle-free as it comes with share option. The only drawback is that the video quality tends to lower after saving it once you applied stickers and animations.

The Ups

Sweet Selfie App is the ultimate app for those who love sharing and posting their selfie pictures and videos. It comes with various features including stickers and enhancements for both photos and videos. It’s also free to download. The app is intuitive so you wouldn’t have problems learning how to use it. Sharing the image or video to various sites is easy as it comes with a share option.

The Downs

The only drawback is the low quality of video after applying stickers or animations and saving to GIF format.

The Verdict

Sweet Selfie Pro may have a minor drawback of lowering the quality of the video after turning into GIF file. However, it has more positive sides such as being free, easy to use, and containing lots of features. If you are into taking selfies and videos, and you love sharing them online, this is highly recommended.

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