Tap Tap Dash Review

On December 24, 2017

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Avast ye me hearties. Me, the crew, and me parrot pet are about to sail the seven seas again. Me so excited for our next booty hunting. We discovered a remote island that we haven’t been to before, and there’s a huge possibility that it has lots of treasures. But don’t ye worry me lads and lasses, ‘afore this bucko becomes busy booty hunting, me won’t forget to share another app review. For this time, the app that this old salt will talk about is called Tap Tap Dash by Cheetah Games.

Adorable Graphics

Tap Tap Dash Review

The background is simple, but because of the vibrant color, it looks adorable and pleasing on the eyes. There are different light colored backgrounds with various shapes like triangle and circle. The path where the character will move is white with gems and arrows. There are also cute characters to unlock that you can select from when you start the level.

Easy to Learn But Hard to Master

Tap Tap Dash App

The basic gameplay is pretty easy to understand. Anyone can learn it, no matter what gaming level skills. It just requires tapping on the phone for the character to make an action like move left or right, or jump. However, it is very challenging, especially on the higher levels. It requires focus and precision. This is a great game to play when you want to pass time and you wish to enjoy.

It’s Addictive

There is a big chance that you will enjoy playing this game and you might find yourself having difficulties putting it down. What’s good is that there one thousand levels to play so this means several hours of play time. The first levels would be easy for you to complete, but the others may take several tries before you can move forward. This game is available for free but it comes with advertisements.

Saves Your Progress

What makes this dash game a good one is that your progress is saved. Other games under similar genres would typically save your top score, but you need to start from the beginning and see how far you will reach. With this, you can always play the levels that you already passed, but since your progress is saved, you also have the option to start on the last level that you played.

Thumbs Up

The graphics of this game is a winner. From the background to the different characters that you can unlock and select from, it deserves thumbs up in this area. It’s easy to learn, but challenging, enjoyable, and addictive. It also comes for free and it has one thousand levels. Your progress is also saved.

Thumbs Down

The only drawback that we see on this app is the advertisement.

The Verdict

Most free games have advertisements so this one can be acceptable. Considering all the positive sides of this app, this is a definite must try. It’s free so you don’t have to spend anything. It’s also eye-catching, fun, challenging, and addictive. Its one thousand levels will keep you occupied.

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