The Last Banacat Review

On July 23, 2017

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me hearties! Here’s another app review that yer favorite app pirate found from sailing the seven seas. This bucko loves cat and bananas. Well, I hope ye won’t tell me parrot pet that I said me love cats as it would get jealous for sure! Me crew are already calling me to join them in drinking so ‘afore we get drunk, let’s begin with the review of the app called The Last Banacat by Horang.

Cute Character

The Last Banacat Review

The Banacat characters are all adorable. They look like a combination of a cat and a pig. These creatures have the face of a cat and the body of a pig, just like those that you would often in cartoon series or movies. There are various characters to choose from that you can unlock as you travel more distance. This is a stay as long as you can type of game. It can be addictive as you would always want to do better than your previous score.

Not for Those Who Get Easily Dizzy

It’s like an endless runner but it has something fresh to offer. Instead of running forward or to the right, the platform where the character will be running on is rotating. This adds to the challenge of the game as you are not just focused on avoiding the obstacles, but focusing will be difficult because of the moving terrain.

The Last Banacat App

Background is Nice But Spikes are Not Obvious

The background of the game changes in color and like the characters, it’s also eye catching. However, one problem is that the way where the character is running on and the obstacles with spikes have the same color so it can be difficult to spot them. It would have been better if the obstacles had different colors so it will be easier to differentiate them, especially the terrain is moving.

Has a Glitch

There were also times in the game where we experienced some glitches. For instance, the character was moving fast but the terrain was not so we were not able to see what was ahead of us, which led to the game ending. Moreover, there are instances where the movement of both the characters and the terrain were too fast that it was difficult to make the appropriate move.

Thumbs Up

The characters and the overall background are cute so they are good to see. It has the right amount of challenge that will keep you wanting to play more.

Thumbs Down

Those who get easily dizzy may not find this game enjoyable since the terrain is moving around. There are also some technical glitches that could lead to the end of the game.

The Verdict

If you are not the type of person who gets easily dizzy, The Last Banacat is nice game to add on your list. It’s fun, cute, and challenging at the same time. There may be some glitches but they do not happen all the time so you will still enjoy playing it.

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