The Office Quest Review

On May 18, 2017

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Ahoy there me hearties! It’s me again, yer friendly app pirate, ready to give ye another app review, ‘afore me hop on the Jolly Roger with me crew. ‘Afore turning into a buccaneer, ye wouldn’t believe this old salt also tried working in an office. Aye! I was wearing all those formal suit and tie. Har, har, har. Me knew it wasn’t for me so I me didn’t enjoy it and this bucko resigned. Me now find joy and excitement in booty hunting and our swashbuckling adventures. When me saw this app called The Office Quest by Deemedya INC, it reminded me of me office days. So avast ye and let me share with ye this app.

It Has Great Graphics

The Office Quest App

The graphics is in black and white, although the red flame that the main character is trying to chase is in red. Although it doesn’t have much color, it worked for the game perfectly. It made it look even more charming. It’s like looking at an old school comics, although of course, this one is moving. The characters are funny, especially the boss and the other officemates that you need to escape from.

The Background Music and Special Effects Work for the Game

The background music is simple. It’s like the ones you would typically hear on adventure-comedy films. It adds life to the game without really affecting your focus, especially when solving puzzles. You’ll also hear sound effects when buttons or items are tapped, including the sound when the employees hit on the keys.

It’s Challenging and Fun at the Same Time

The Office Quest Game

It’s fun because it’s hilarious how the main character is trying to sneak out the office and had to face various challenges, including escaping from the boss and other officemates. Employees who are bored at the office can definitely relate to this. You will also be faced with various puzzles that you have to solve in order to continue with the quest to escape the office. It’s like other escape games but with a twist, since you are not trying to escape from only one room but the entire building of the office.

Content is Short

There’s no doubt that this is a fun, exciting, and challenging game so you’ll surely love it. However, once the first chapter is over, you will be asked to pay for the next chapter. The problem is, it’s not yet complete. So you will only be presented with a few content after paying for it. According to the developers, they are now currently working on the extension of the second chapter, which will be given for free, plus, the third chapter, which hopefully has more content.

The Ups

The Office Quest has good graphics, sound effects, and background music that adds life to the game. It’s fun and challenging so you probably will find it interesting to play.

The Downs

It has little content. Although the developers mentioned that they are working on it, it’s best if you play the first part and wait for the completion of the next chapters before you spend money for more content.

The Verdict

Aside from the additional content that is still under development, The Office Quest is fun, interesting, and challenging. You’ll find yourself enjoying the game so it’s recommended that you download it, but wait for the next chapters to be completed before you spend money to continue.

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