The Simpsons: Tapped Out Review

On April 21, 2014

Ahoy there me hearties! The wild winds have finally brought me back for another app review. There be so many different kinds of apps nowadays, but the occasional duplicate can always be found. This reminds o’ the many doubloons we stole having only half bear any value. Of course, if the game be charming like me friend parrot, it can be easier to forgive a game. It also helps that the title features my favorite landlubbers on television. Here be my review for The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

Simple Gameplay But Very Funny

When you first boot this game up and get through the menus, you’ll be treated to a pretty standard city building game. You start off with only a few of the Simpson’s characters available. Your objective is to build your own customized Springfield. As most of these titles go, you’ll only have a set amount of energy and you’ll need money to expand your town. There is also an online feature where you can trash or help a friend’s town. All in all, freemium games like these will require either real world money, or a ton of free time. The addition of unlockable characters also makes collecting cash important, but that will be evident later.

Tapped Out Review

The thing that really stands out about this game is that it uses the Simpson’s brand very well. They hire most of the voice cast to make appearances on the show. As you go along building your city, each character spouts many unique one-liners. Unlocking a new building might even allow you to find more extra scenes. The writing is still spot on in this game and you’ll find yourself laughing every so often at the jokes.

The Trademark Art Style Is Back

Another great positive note that makes this game so charming is the cartoon art style. The show has always had a unique look, and the translation into the app was very well done. Every character jumps into action every time you use one of them. They also animatedly move around whenever you hear them say their lines. Overall, the title is very good looking and that’s just a part of the whole package.

Tapped Out App

The soundtrack is quirky, and takes a lot of cues from the show itself. Often, though, it can be droning, but as was mentioned above, the dialogue really makes up for it. Every voice is spot on and the voice actors actually put a lot of effort in these lines. Couple that with great writing and you get a pretty killer set of clips to keep you smiling all throughout the game.

The Verdict

The Simpsons: Tapped Out app is one great game. Although it features some pretty standard game mechanics, it makes up for it by being aggressively funny. You’ll find yourself being tempted by the in-app-store just because you get to hear more lines from your favorite characters. Overall, if you’re considering this game as an addition to your library, stop thinking and download it now.


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