Tiny Thief Review

On April 12, 2014

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle full of rum! Oh, there ye are me hearties! ‘Afore I go to another treasure hunting adventure, let me share with you an app that this old bucko has been playing for the past days. It’s called Tiny Thief from Rovio Stars Ltd. Let’s get to know more of this app with this Tiny Thief review.

Play as the Tiny Thief

There are six stages in the game with various levels each. Before a level starts, you’ll be shown what you need to get from the location. Earn stars on each level as you solve the puzzle and find hidden items. It’s a point and click kind of game, which is pretty basic that any type of player will not have difficulties learning how to play it.

 Tiny Thief Review

The levels become more challenging as you progress in the game. Aside from finding the right path to get the objects that you need, there are guards that you must avoid that are placed in different areas of the location. Being caught by these guards would end the level. Upon completing your mission, you must reach the exit, still without being seen by the guards, in order to move to the next level.

Excellent Graphics

The developers did an excellent job in the graphics of the game. The environment is clean and the character’s movement is swift. Though the objects in the game are small, you can still clearly identify what they are.

The levels are set in different locations, so you will not feel bored even when it has the same gameplay. Besides, the missions are different on each level so there’s something new to explore and discover as you move to the next stages of the game.

What Else?

When you play the levels, the game doesn’t have background music. I think that this is a good thing since you can focus in solving the puzzles, especially those that require timing to pass through the guards. The sound effects on the other hand are fantastic. You’ll hear a sound when the character does something like climb a ladder and collect items. A short music will play when you reach the exit, which is exciting, as you know that you have successfully completed the level when you hear that.

 Tiny Thief App

Tiny Thief is an adorable puzzle game that will give you hours of fun. But in case you finished all levels in all six stages, you can play again or get additional content. However, the latter is available as an in-app purchase. Purchase “Bewitched” from the app store and enjoy playing more puzzles. Hints are also available, in case you’re having difficulties completing some missions. But these in-app purchases are all optional so you can still have fun playing the game without spending anything, if that’s what you prefer.

The Verdict

Tiny Thief is an enjoyable puzzle game that comes with cute graphics and great sound effects. It’s free to download the app so if you’re into puzzle games, you may want to get this one on your device. The levels usually take a short time to complete. So the drawback is once you completed all missions, additional content comes with a price.


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