Tiny Troopers Review

On December 5, 2012

Argh, soldiers have always been the bane of the mighty corsairs. While cunning will get ye a long way from where ye began, it can all end by a swift raid of the ship by the numbers of the royal fleet. Aye, it is me distinct fear that one ‘o these days, I’d stop scribblin’ these reviews for ye, and I’d be lost in a brig somewhere, or be forced to walk the plank on me own ship. O’ course, I do see the value in a strong military, and when ye have the command of a formidable force, thar be no booty that’d escape ye. To get back on the right wind, I be talking about Tiny Troopers; an amazingly detailed strategy romp with a bunch a soldiers.

The Amazing Gameplay

The iPhone, though an amazingly versatile tool like me cutlass, is not a piece ‘o tech known to impress in the department of amazing games. It has had many amazing titles with more than addictive gameplay, but beyond that it has no staying power in the hardcore gaming scene. It is a powerful little bugger though, as if it had been enchanted so that it may hold so many features in such a compact package.

This game is a surprise in that department as it has very deep and immersive gameplay, simple controls manipulating touches, and at the same time, beckons that ye be strategic with all your choices in the game. Starting with how ye control yer characters all throughout the experience. Ya see, the beauty of this game is that it doesn’t try to complicate things with over the top commands or movements. Instead, you tap the empty ground to where ye need to go. The tap also doubles as the designated attack button, so ye’ll have to tap on any enemy squads that get in yer way. You only control 4 men, and their movements are connected in that there is no personal control. Once ye tap a scurvy dog, they’ll attack together, and once ye press on an empty patch ‘o grass, they’d move along together. Another keen addition to standard fair is moving attacks, wherein units can continue to strafe while attack, much like the Warhammer 40k RTS game.

At the end of each level, you are also graded in performance, but not through speed or number of kills. Rather, it’s yer cunning that will get ye the most points because when all yer men survive, ye get a better score. Another good objective is to avoid all non-hostile land lubbers. Hitting them will reduce your points, or yer CP, and those points are integral to making upgrades at the start o’ each level. As a little side note, upgrades only last for one mission, so ye cannot expect that yer men will remain overpowered at the start of each new level.

Decent 3D and Excellent Level Design

Another dimension that makes this game so excellent is the awesome levels and designs of each.  There isn’t just one way to get to an objective and attackin’ yer foes isn’t as cut and dry as pointing and clickin’ till death. The levels are vast, in comparison to the size of iPhone so people will feel more at home playin’ this on the iPad. These unique elements in level creation only serve to enhance the already great gamplay. The little characters are more adorable than not, but often spout out some very sad lines.

What are you waiting for?

Aye this is a definite recommend on my part. The game presents some very unique takes on gameplay and controls, so much so that it seems like it has found the perfect sweet spot for a strategy game on a mobile device. On top of that, there be 30 levels to play, so expect it to last you a long time.

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