Touchgrind Review

On October 4, 2012

Ahoy there land lubbers! Sailin’ the high seas in the good ole Jolly Rogers is serious business. Pirates can get hurt and pirates can put the hurt on other people. That is why when bad pirates attack our beloved ship, we beat them so bad and make them walk the plank.  Now, that is why our plank must be crafted well. It must be made of solid wood with the right bounce to it. It must be strong not to break but flexible enough to strike fear as it wobbles walkers. It is the same with your plank with wheels. I have seen you land lubbers ride wood planks with wheels and jump on and off it. You even have a game on it in me mobile device. Here is me review for that game Touchgrind.

Flippin’ Cool Game

You see matey, the 90s was a wonderful decade. It brought about games that folks raved about. There is that whacky pog, the digital pet game Tamagotchi, and there was a skateboard toy for people who has no time to go to skating parks. The brand called Tech Deck created what you call a finger skateboard. The idea was the same but instead of riding your feet on the board, you put your index and middle finger on the tiny skateboard. Once your fingers are on board it is time to go flippin’ with your fingers. The mobile game developers Illusion Labs brought this cool toy back to life in the digital age in the form of a mobile game app. And this pirate says, ‘Why not?’ The touch screen mobile devices are perfect for simulating a finger skateboard. You touch your screen and then you flip it. Right? And that is why through sheer concept alone, the game is already a big winner.

Teach Me How to Fly

The cool thing about this mobile game app is that it caters even to non-finger skateboard players. You see matey, in the opening sequence’s main menu there is an option that teaches you how to ride the finger skateboard. It is in this portion that will teach you the controls. And on top of teaching how to move, it also teaches you the tricks. So in this menu option, you will learn how to do ollies, flips, rail slides, kick and so much more. Illusion Labs made sure that players get the hang of finger skating. And for that, this game is noob friendly. A sea lover like me appreciates this so much! Arrrr!

Play Modes

There are three gaming modes for you to use mate. The first is you finger skate in a practice park. No pressure on this one. Just keep trying what you have learned at your own time.  The second mode, Jam Session, is for those who think they can already grind it out. You will now leave the comfort of your practice park and head straight to the main skating park. But like in the practice park, there is no time limit here. Just finger skate at your own leisure. And when you finally think you’re really good, head on to Competition mode. In a time limit of one minute, you can now try if you have what it takes to be one of the best. Perform as many tricks in under a minute. Get your high scores and you can even try new boards. This level by level mode is a great way to make players inch their way in to the game. Again, this is a great one to involve non-skaters.

View From the Top

The game plays like a bit of a first person shooter. You see the park from a top down 3D view. This helps in estimating the height, depth and volume of ramps. Illusion Labs also put out icon prompts to give you a heads up of what is up ahead. The park map is well designed and feels like the real thing. The finger skating experience is already a great game feature adding great map visuals amps the fun even further.

All right matey! Ride your finger plank well and enjoy this new game.

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