Trivia Survival 100 Review

On May 10, 2019

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! It’s me again, yer favorite app pirate preparing for another exciting booty hunting adventure around the seven seas. Me and the crew are looking forward to a dangerous but thrilling dive down Davey Jones’ locker. This old bucko loves the danger that me face under. It makes me proud every time I go up and me get to take with me fantastic finds. Me and these buccaneers are having a contest on which one will get the best item this time. Me sure that it would be me! ‘Afore me make the dive, me will tell ye about an app called Trivia Survival 100 by BUZZPOWDER INC. Here we go me mateys!

Loveable characters

Trivia Survival 100 Review

There are 65 characters to unlock and collect in the game and they are all loveable! Some of them are pirate, sausage, dog, duck, old woman, witch, and a green monster. You can select which character to use when you play the game. Aside from the different characters available, the background also changes, which is good as it will feel that you are in a changing environment. You will not easily get bored with the background because you will see different sceneries.

Unique gameplay

Trivia Survival 100 App

The idea of the game is a unique one. While trivia games are not new, the gameplay of this app is not something that you will usually see in most games. You will be playing against the other characters and the goal is to be the sole survivor. There will be questions asked that will be displayed on top of the game window and you need to choose if the answer is yes or no. The blue “O” on the left represents yes, while the red “X” on the right represents no. There is a time limit to answer every question and you can change your answer as long as the time has not run out yet. It’s nerve-wracking how you wait for the result if you will be wiped out for answering incorrectly or you will be part of the ones that answered correctly and moved on to the next round.

Poor execution

This game is promising, especially with its unique idea and gameplay. However, it has flaws on its execution. The questions are not properly made so it is confusing to answer some of them. Some of the answers are also incorrect. The game experience will be a lot better if the construction of the questions is improved and they will be proofread to ensure that they have the correct answers.

The pros

Trivial Survival 100 can be played without spending any real money. It has a unique and fresh idea. It’s challenging and it is exciting at the same time.

The cons

The questions are not properly constructed and there are answers that are incorrect.

The verdict

Trivia Survival 100 is an amazing game to consider since it is fresh and unique. If the questions will be improved and the answers will all be correct, it is an interesting game that will be very popular and well-loved.

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