True Surf Review

On June 13, 2024

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! We buckos are always in the ocean. You might think that we only sail and look for treasures. But the truth is, we also know how to have fun, and lots of it! We dive, swim, kayak, and more. Aye, we have all kinds of ocean gears in the ship. We developed a liking for surfing in the past weeks. Whenever we find a place where the waves are perfect for surfing, we never miss our chance. We moved our schedule for our next destination, just so we could have fun surfing, Har, har, har! But it’s all worth it, and of course we still go on a treasure hunt, except that there’s surfing whenever the waves call us. If we’re in areas that we can’t surf, we still have some games that let us do that on our mobile device. Want to know more about one of these games? Keep reading as I tell ye more about the game called True Surf by True Axis.

The waves and movements are realistic

True Surf Review

The ocean and the waves look realistic, so you will feel like you’re doing the real thing, except you’re on your mobile phone. The waves also vary in height, so depending on your skills. So, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can find the right difficulty level for you. It’s also physics based, so the movement of your character is as close as to what really happens if you make those moves in a real scenario. 

It has real weather updates

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It gets a real time weather update, so the surfing areas available in the game have their real weather. This also affects the strength or height of the wave, so you can look at this information to determine the best area to surf. 

There are various spots and competitions

There are different cities and countries to travel and surf that are known in real life as excellent surfing spots. Unfortunately, not all these destinations are free. You need to pay to fly to these various places. There are also competitions that let you compete with other players. 

It’s free to download but gets difficult to upgrade at a certain level

You can download this game without spending anything. However, when you reach a specific level, it becomes difficult to upgrade. Unlocking the spots, and upgrading items are more expensive, so you need to grind more hours to collect the amount you need to upgrade. 

The ups

It offers realistic experience with the real-looking and moving waves, and physics based movements of characters when surfing. It has real weather updates, popular surfing destinations, and competitions. It’s also free to download. 

The downs

The items are more expensive making it difficult to upgrade and unlock on higher levels, unless you make an in-app purchase. 

The verdict

We highly recommend True Surf for those who are looking for a realistic surfing game. It’s the next best thing to real surfing because of its realistic surfing environment and movements. It’s free to download, and there are various popular destinations to visit. 

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