Tsuki Adventure Review

On September 27, 2019

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Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum. Avast ye me lads and lasses, this old salt and the crew are headed to this place that we discovered. We heard it holds a lot of treasure so we are on our way to see if the hearsays are true. We are almost there so let me quickly give ye another dose of app review that me know ye hearties are waiting for. The app that we will talk about is called Tsuki Adventure by HyperBeard. Listen up now ye mateys as we begin.

Charming graphics

Tsuki Adventure Review

Tsuki Adventure is a winner when it comes to its graphics. It’s not the usual 3D games that you will often see these days. It has that classic drawing feel, but it is what makes this app charming. The setting on the first part of the game shows the main character, a bunny named Tsuki, working hard in their busy office. It does not have any dialogue on that part but you will see that Tsuki isn’t treated nice. He then moves to the countryside of Japan. The environment is detailed. Aside from the treehouse where Tsuki leaves, there are also different areas of the village that he visits.

It has a story

Tsuki Adventure App

This idle app is more of a story app than a game. You will follow the story of Tsuki as he moves from the city to the simple and quiet life of the countryside. There will be interactions on different characters. You can check the app every now and then, anytime of the day and you will see Tsuki doing different things. It mimics real life so depending on the time you check it, the main character might be doing something or sleeping.

Not much to do

This free app doesn’t really let you do much. As mentioned, it is more of a story app where you follow the day to day life of Tsuki. However, there is still a little action on your part. You still get to decide on what are things to buy and if you wish to continue with a specific thing that is being asked from you like answer a survey or go fishing. Aside from that, you will just spend most of your time viewing Tsuki and reading dialogues with other characters.

The good

Tsuki Adventure is a free app that contains adorable graphics. It’s an idle game that doesn’t require much of your effort and time, which makes it ideal for those who just wants to check on a game every now and then.

The bad

There is really not much to do on your end, so if you always want to be in action, it may not be for you.

The verdict

Tsuki Adventure is an app that is recommended if you are looking for an idle game that you can check out anytime during the day or just when you feel like it. It has amazing graphics and a storyline that you would want to follow. However, it is not for you if you prefer apps with continuous action and require more work from you.

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