Two Dots Review

On August 31, 2017

Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Yer friendly app pirate is about to go on another booty hunting adventure around the seven seas. But don’t fret ‘acause this old salt will give ye another dose of app review before I leave. Aye, I will never forget that, ye know how much this bucko loves ye me mateys. Well, as much as me love me parrot (I need to mention it or it will be jealous! Har, har, har!). The crew announced that we are about to sail in an hour, so yo, ho, ho, let’s begin with the app review. It will be for an app called Two Dots by Playdots, Inc.

Eye Catching Graphics

Two Dots Game

The game window itself on the first few levels of the game has a white background and the different colors of dots. However, the background changes on the other levels, although it is still has a basic color instead of something that is designed. What’s eye catching is the background on the map. There are different settings that are detailed and colorful. The characters are also equally adorable. Having a single colored background on the game window works for the game since you can focus more on the dots and not be distracted.

Easy to Learn But Challenging

Two Dots has a very basic gameplay. Players of all ages would learn how to play it in no time. As the name suggests, you need to connect at least two dots so they will be removed from the game window and they will also be counted on the number of dots you removed. You will be given how many dots you need to remove on each level. What makes it challenging is that you are only given limited moves so you have to strategize to ensure you reach your goal within the given number of moves. This makes it also addictive as you’ll want to complete each level and surpass your friends.

Has Some Glitch

There are times that you may experience some glitch on the game. For instance, watching videos may not give you the prize that was promised. However, this does not happen all the time so you can enjoy playing the game mostly without problems.

Hundreds of Levels

Two Dots App

This is an addictive game so you may find yourself playing several levels in one sitting. That is not a problem because it has hundreds of levels so you can keep on playing for a long time.

The Ups

This is a free game and it’s a fun and addictive one. It’s easy to learn and challenging at the same time. Two Dots has adorable graphics on the map area, and although the background is a basic color on the game window, it works because you can focus on the dots.

The Downs

There are some glitches every now and then although they do not happen all the time.

The Verdict

Overall, Two Dots is a good app to add in your list. It’s easy to learn, fun and challenging to play, and has hundreds of levels to keep you occupied.

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