Underworld Empire Review

On August 2, 2013

Arrrgh, the world o’ crime be a great one to venture in for there are many rewards to be had if ye work hard enough. O’ course, the misconception about bein’ a pirate is that it be an easy thing, when in truth, there are many rules that dictate the seven seas. I suppose that those landlubbers have the same idea, because it be hard ta deal with the different land pirates on land.

They ask to be on time, they never do a deal without at least 2 or more of their kin, and most of all, they are wary of the sea dogs that deal with ’em. This be the reason why I tend to dread making land fall in a crime-ridden port that isn’t covered in pirates. So, me and me crew took the time ta find out a little bit more o’ their world through an Underworld Empire review.

The Graphics

There isn’t much to be said about in the way of graphics, because this game is run completely through small User Interface. The little layout presented to you when you start up the game is very simple. There are a few buttons around the interface that present you with a lot of options. At the top of the screen, you should be able to see your health, emery, and money along with the avatar you choice for your character.

Underworld Empire Review

Once you jump into the fight list, the page is filled up with different prospective fights that you can take, the mechanics of which will be discussed in a bit. At the very bottom of the screen, you should see the different options regarding the game itself. The look and feel of the game is pretty good as the art and interface are very pretty.

The Gameplay and Mechanics

Okay, from here you can probably see that this game is very similar to the old Mafia Wars games. You can duel with different players who vary in levels, but the separation of each fight is a nice add on. You see, instead of facing off with the massive army they’ve accumulated, you can also choose to fight them one on one. After each fight, you’re assigned experience depending on whether or not you won or lost.

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After which, you can spend your cash on better stuff which you can then use to fight even higher levels players. The combat takes a few cues from RPGs because instead of automating the fight, you can actively attack the player or choose to run away mid battle. This little twist makes the game a mite more entertaining. Also, when you fight and level up, you can get a full recharge from your fights, so you won’t need to wait too long to wage another war.

The Verdict

If you really like games that require a huge amount of allies and a ton of social features, then this game is a great replacement for any title that you might be bored with. Though it lacks some of the deep mechanics other titles have, the sheer amount of content and the small twists make it worth a look.

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