Voice Notes Review

On July 30, 2018

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Me parrot pet and the entire crew are ready to sail the seven seas for the hopes of finding gold and other treasures. But ‘afore I do that, I won’t forget to write another review of an app that I know ye hearties are waiting for. I won’t disappoint ye! ‘Afore me hop in the good old Jolly Roger, let me share with ye the review of the app called Voice Notes by Pacific Fisher Group. Batten down the hatches and lend me yer ears as we begin with the review.

It’s Basic

Voice Notes Review

Voice Notes is everything that the app title says, it’s an application that takes notes using your voice. It converts voice to text. However, there is only one note page for all your notes. You can just keep adding on it, which can be inconvenient especially if you want a quick look at a specific note. It has a search function, but it will still be easier and quicker to check and edit a task or list. But the fact that you can take note using your voice is helpful especially for those who are always in a hurry as there’s no need to type.

Simple to Use

Voice Notes App

The app is very straightforward, thus, also making it easy to use. There are not many options to explore so you will be instantly familiar with its use. It has the plus icon that lets you add notes and microphone icon to start recording your voice, which the app translates to text. There’s also the share option that lets you share a selected text on various social media apps and texts. Those are pretty much the features that this app has. There are no customization or aesthetic features that can make it more fun. If you prefer eye-candy apps, this may not be for you because it’s plain and basic. However, if you are into straight forward and basic apps, this will be a good candidate.

Integrates with Android Calendar

The app is integrated with the android calendar so the reminders will be automatically added to your calendar as long as that option is enabled. There’s no need to launch the calendar app separately, which adds convenience. This is also free to download and use.

Thumbs Up

Voice Notes is a free app that is easy to understand and use. It does exactly what it was designed for, which is to take note of voice recordings and convert them to text. It comes with a search option and it has a feature to share notes to various social media apps.

Thumbs Down

It is very basic. There are no options to customize or enhance the appearance of the notes. There is also only one page where you can add all your notes.

The Verdict

Voice Notes is a simple app with the basic feature of saving voice recording into text notes. If this is all you need for a note app, then this app will efficiently give you that. If you are looking for more, then this may not be the app for you.

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