Where’s My Water Review

On November 27, 2012

Greetings me lads and me lass! Yer favorite mobile game app reviewing pirate is back. And I have a new one fer you land lubbers to enjoy. This game was named after a phrase that is very silly for a pirate to say. See, the name of the game is Where’s My Water? Yup, you read that right. The title of the game is a funny question to ask. It is even funnier to use as a name for a mobile game app. But you will learn the reason for the name as we go along me mobile game review matey. Here is my review for the mobile game app, Where’s my Water.

What is it?

Ahoy matey! A mobile game app with a funky name like Where’s my Water should give people an idea that the game is wacky if not quirky. And in playing the game, I found out that the name gives justice to the game idea. Here is the premise of the mobile game app. The game is all about an alligator found underground. And the alligator is in the middle of a shower. But the problem is that there is no pipe that delivers actual water to the alligator. And as the player, it is your job to make the water flow the alligator’s way. Now, if that is not quirky or wacky enough for you, you are one tough client. The idea of helping an alligator shower is a cute hook that will capture both serious and casual gamers. And in the world of mobile gaming apps, a great hook is a great way to make people very interested in your game.

How to Get to the Shower?

Now that you have a clear idea of the goal of the game, do you know how to reach your goal? The mechanics of the game is simple. And it is to bring water to the alligator’s tap as soon as possible. And you can do this by clearing the ground. Removing the dirt leads you to the alligator’s shower. To clear the ground, you draw on the screen. Let the water flow down to make sure it reaches its goal. The game play maybe simple but it is very rewarding to play. Always remember, a simple game play is almost a sure fire way for a game to be highly addictive.

The Flow of the Water

Based on the simple premise of drawing on the screen to make the water flow, the game needs a layer to make it a bit more challenging. That is why the game developers made sure that the water moves as exciting as real water. Programmers studied the real flow of water and interpreted it for game consumption. Here is a good example, if you let the water flow from a far distance, it will pick up speed or momentum and splash off a bit. A little touch of realism puts more challenge to an already intriguing game concept.

On the Level

The mobile game app is played by progressing through each level. And in each level the goal is to bring water to the alligator. But to add more flare to fixing the path of the water, all of the levels have three rubber duckies. To show off your skill, you must touch all three duckies by directing the water to the right direction. As an added bonus, in some levels, there are hidden objects that help in completing the game experience. And gamers like you are very lucky. Because in the mobile game app, ‘Where’s the Water?’ there are about 80 levels for you to try and enjoy.

The game premise maybe very silly to some but it has an appeal that is very encouraging to many. Download the game now and enjoy letting the alligator take a bath.

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