Word Candy Review

On December 31, 2018

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Avast ye me lads and lasses! Me and the crew are getting ready for a great journey of booty hunting. We were on a few days break so we were able to relax, rest, and play, making us all set for this adventure. We discovered this new island that is on top of our list of places to explore. We are so excited about it because we’ve heard that it has many treasures, and many people have tried searching for it but failed. It might be the Jolly Roger’s crew who could find the treasures! So let us start this app review now before the crew calls me. The title of the app that we will review is Word Candy and it’s by Big Cat Studio.

Lovely Graphics

Word Candy Review

Word Candy is a free word puzzle game that lives up to its name. One of the things that come to mind when we hear the word “candy” is usually colorful. The letters come in different colors, they are in 3D, and they look like they have shine on them that make them really look like letter candies. The letters are on a pan, which is on top of a brown table. Above it are circles that look like baking cups, which represent the number of letters that the words you need find have. Overall, the graphics was well done.

Same Gameplay

Word Candy App

The game is similar to other word puzzle games. There is nothing new about it, except its graphics. The general gameplay is that you will connect the letters to form the words that are represented by the round baking cups on top of the window. You can also use hints, as well as the shuffle option.

Not That Challenging

This word puzzle game may be easy enough for adults to complete. It’s more for children and it can help improve their vocabulary while having fun. Adults may still want to try this though just to exercise their brains and to pass time.

Has Misspellings

There are a few misspelled words in the game. So even though you know that it is the correct word, you may still end up using a hint unless you try to do different combinations until you get the word. Nevertheless, you can still easily finish the levels with only a few hints used.

Thumbs Up

Word Candy is a free game that has adorable graphics. It is a great game for children who wish to improve their vocabulary while having fun. There are thousands of levels to play and there are also hints and shuffle options available.

Thumbs Down

This may be too easy for adults as the difficulty level is more appropriate for children. There are also some misspelled words so even though you try all the right possible words to create, you will still not get the right answer unless you use hints.

The Verdict

Word Candy is recommended for children who wish to exercise their brain and improve their vocabulary while having fun. Adults might still give it a try to pass time, but don’t expect that it would be challenging.

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