Words in Word Review

On August 24, 2020

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Ahoy there me hearties! Here’s yer friendly app pirate ready to go on another booty hunting adventure around the seven seas. Our next destination is promising. We heard words going around that it has a lot of buried treasures, although it is also a dangerous place. But ye know us buckos, we are up for any danger. We are confident that we can surpass any challenges and bring home plenty of booties. ‘Afore we get busy with that, let me give ye now another dose of app review. Batten down the hatches and let’s begin the review of the app called Words in Word by Uga Dooga.

Simple and straightforward interface

Words in Word Review

When you open the game, it will give some information about it like the words are made from the 26 letters and how you can go back to the previous levels to create more words. It also gives the instructions on how to play the game. A word will be given every level and you need to create different words from the letters of the given word. On the upper right side is the goal that you need to meet in order to move to the next level. The interface is simple. You will see a checkered game window with the given word at the bottom. There is not much design, which is just fine since your focus needs to be on the words anyway.

It will test you word knowledge

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This game is ideal for those who love to test their vocabulary. It will challenge your brain as you need to come up with words using the letters of the given word for the level. You can also find out the meanings of the words created in case you accidentally guessed a word that you didn’t know before.

Some legitimate words are not accepted

The app is free to download and play. However, it also has its drawback. It seems like its dictionary needs updating. There are legitimate words that it doesn’t accept. It can be frustrating at times, especially if you know that it is an existing word in the standard English dictionary.

Thumbs up

Words in Word is free to download and play. It will challenge you and test your vocabulary. It’s also educational because it will show you the meaning of the words that you created. It has a simple interface, which works for the game since you can focus on the letters to create more words.

Thumbs down

There are legitimate words that you can find in the dictionary that it doesn’t accept.

The verdict

Words in Word is a word game that is easy to learn but challenging and fun. It will keep you occupied and it is a productive way to kill time as it will enrich your vocabulary. There may just be some legitimate words that it doesn’t accept, but aside from that, it is something that is recommended, especially for those who are into word games.

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