Worms 3 Review

On August 22, 2013

While me and me crew be composed of both young and ole sea dogs, most of me trusted circle is composed of the latter. This be because they’ve been around fer such a long time that I can trust their opinions of the direction of the wind, or which games are the best ta play.

From time ta time, we have ta teach our youngers just why some o’ these games use some mechanics, and what really helps are the titles that make a comeback on the iOS. From Contra to Donkey Kong, there be so many games that come back from the depths of Davey Jones locker, and they usually make a huge raging maelstrom when they do. So this be the reason me and me circle of confidants looked around fer a new game, and finally make this Worms 3 review.

What is Worms

If you’ve ever played any of the Worms series, then rest assured, the translation has gone over well and the game is still amazing as it first was. For the uninstructed, Worms is famous for being one of the best artillery/strategy games to ever come out. When you enter a game, you’re assigned 4 different worms with different kinds of battle styles.

Worms 3 Review

Much like any squad shooter, the 4 are composed of the soldier, the bruiser, the scout, and the medic/scientist. If the game updates and adds a pyro and spy, then the game instantly transforms into a turn based, side scrolling TF2 shooter. Your goal is to simply annihilate the other team using all kinds of weapons. The game is turn based, like chess, which means it alternates between attacking and watching.

The Gameplay

However, strategy is really what makes this game different. Each level is wonky, and very hard to navigate, but if you manage to move around well enough, you can use that to your advantage. At the same time, they are destructible, so you can and probably will, fall to your death. Each worm can use a whole slew of different weapons catered to what they are good at.

There are rocket launchers and standard rifles, which you can aim through a simple touch of the target. However, there is also a physics system in play, so a lot of your rounds might fail to hit your enemies. Lastly, you can buy a few cards, which can modify your play style with little tweaks. Be aware; this game doesn’t have an iAP, and each card can only be bought through in game currency.

How it looks

Again, if you’ve ever played this title before, you should know exactly what to expect in terms of looks. The worms inch along each level, and you can make them jump around to different locations. At the same time, the animations and levels are well designed. Everything has a cartoon-y look, but at this point, this is to be expected with app games.

Worms 3 App

The real beauty of Worms lies behind the amazing gameplay and re-playability of the game itself. You don’t just get to finish the game and throw it away, rather, you can keep playing it for years pretty much. Me and my old seadogs of a crew are totally hooked into this bloody game, Arrr!

The Verdict

This game has a lot to offer both newer and more experienced players. The strategy within the game makes each level feel unique and challenging. There’s a lot of re-playability in this title and each of the new updates adds more content for you to digest. The only real issue is the price, but this dusty old pirate things it’s worth the shillings. Lastly, the Holy Hand Grenade makes its way back into the standard arsenal… now, was it two or five seconds?

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