Angry Birds Space Review

On October 5, 2012

You land lubbers are a crazy bunch of people. Just like us pirates arrrrr! Who would have thought that throwing birds at pigs would be fun? Well not this jolly pirate of the good ole Jolly Rogers. I do enjoy throwing cannon balls and swords at me enemies. But birds? Barnacles, heck no! But you land folks did it fer me. And after a few years of flinging crazy birds with the mobile game app Angry Birds, you thought there was more to it. You put the fun game of throwing birds and a place that fascinates every one, outer space. Ridiculous idea makes for a great game. This pirate has never had anything as outrageous as birds thrown in outer space to destroy pigs. But matey here is my review for Angry Birds Space.

Versions of Angry Birds

The mobile game app, Angry birds first flew in the mobile gaming app scene in 2009. The people went crazy with this game. And to keep the craze at a high level, the game developers of Angry Birds created versions that put fresh twists into the gaming experience. So with that came Angry Birds Seasons which put the birds in different time of the year. And then there was Angry Birds Rio. This last version was an ode to the cartoon movie based on birds. After all that, the craze surrounding the birds went down south. You have to praise the game developers for always finding something fresh to make the people not let go of the lovable neurotic birds. And after sometime, they found a fresh twist to make the people swoon for the birds once more and this time it is putting the birds in outer space. A proven good game mixed with an element that is easily one of the most fascinating out there makes for a winning new game version. Though some skeptics might see this in the bad light. But for majority of the people it meant added game play and new looks.

How to Play

If you have been hiding under a rock, you might not know how to play Angry Birds. So for the benefit of land lubber hidden under a rock all these years, here is a short refresher. Your goal is to put hurt on the evil green pigs for stealing eggs from the birds’ nest. And you do it by flinging birds in their direction. And how do you do it? You pin down your finger on the bird. Drag it back and then up or down, then you let it go. The drag back will determine the distance of the bird’s flight. And the up and down axis will determine the trajectory of the bird. In the new version of Angry Birds in space, you are now dealing with not just a regular field of gravity. Space changes the speed and movement of some birds. And there are even some planets where the pigs are in that makes you orbit. This is a very great touch to refresh the game. A good way of making feel an old game play like new.

New Place New Look

The pigs have gone into outer space with the eggs. And the angry flock of birds came prepared. Each of the old favorites has a space look. For example, the traditional red bird is now wearing a black mask and has white pupils for the rocking new look. The black bomb bird now wears a flame over its head while donning a space cape. And three little blue birds are now sporting head gear with metal fins on the side. The space maybe a scary place for some, but not for these angry birds. There are even some new birds for you to use.

Mateys, time to hit the outer space with some angry birds. Download now and take flight to fight the pigs.


  1. Star Wars meets Angry Birds says:

    Cool review, i Luv all of the Angry Birds game. Next one is Angry Birds Star Wars, can’t wait!!!

  2. Clint says:

    Best angry Birds game in the series for sure! Star Wars should be epic too, but gotta finish this 1 first =)

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